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Ethiopia's Oromo Face Increased Repression

Surrounded by unstable regimes and beset by national conflicts, the current Ethiopian government has long been preoccupied with containing any militant threat. In June, even as the country was gripped by its worst famine in 25 years, the government announced plans to increase its military budget by $50 million -- to $400 million -- just one week after appealing to the international community for assistance.As a result, in addition to deploying troops into Somalia for the past two years, and intermittently clashing with Eritrean troops along their northern border, Ethiopia's military has also fought several internal conflicts in the Ogaden and in the less known Oromia regions.Ethiopia's ethnic Oromo people have been in conflict with the state since they were forcibly integrated into the Amhara-dominated Ethiopian empire at the end of the 19th century. However, the arrests of at least 100 Oromos since Oct. 29, including the secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Party (OFDM), without warrant or charge is an indication that the conflict is intensifying.The 53 Oromos still being detained by the authorities also include three human rights workers, teachers, students and successful businessmen. They have all appeared in court three times since their arrest on allegations of supporting the outlawed militant group, the Oromo Liberation Front, but have yet to be formally charged.

As is common practice in Ethiopia, the court keeps extending their illegal incarceration to give the Ethiopian police and intelligence services more time to gather evidence.At their last appearance, several detainees said they had been taken from their jail cells at Addis Ababa's Maikelawi detention center in the middle of the night and tortured.A former Ethiopian journalist and human rights activist who endured Maikelawi for eight months, Garoma Wakessa -- now a Canadian resident -- still has trouble recounting the horrors he encountered."Even in Canada I have no relief," he says. "I know what's happening to those people and it's not human."Garoma explains that because of Maikelawi's special status as an interrogation center rather than a formal prison, the use of torture to extract information is widespread. Guards use electrical cables or sticks during investigations, and interrogations are conducted in rooms with varying electricity."In the absolute dark room there is a possibility they will kill you because you are dangerous according to them," says Garoma.Similar reports of abuse, often following arbitrary arrests or other forms of state suppression, have been well documented by local and international human rights groups, but fail to garner international attention in a corner of the world ravaged with bloodshed.Instead, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has enjoyed considerable support from the Bush administration in order to counter the threat of Islamic extremism in the region. In October 2007, however, in the wake of the 2005 general elections whose bloody aftermath claimed 200 lives and amidst mounting abuses in the Ogaden region, the U.S. Congress passed the "Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act," which would withhold U.S. aid from Ethiopia unless it implements human rights reforms. The act must still be passed in the Senate and signed into law by the president.Nevertheless, since the mass detainment of Oromos in October, the State Department has been largely mute on the subject. There have been no stern warnings, with one State Department official simply maintaining that the U.S. is supportive of reconciliation between the OLF rebels (a onetime political party) and the government.Negotiations between 125 elders of the Oromo community and the government have been initiated in recent weeks, purportedly as a means of finding a peaceful solution.But many Oromos argue that by continuing to arrest Oromo political leaders and scholars, the government is demonstrating it is not interested in reconciliation."This is a gimmick, an overture to deceive Oromo public opinion, world opinion, and portray itself as if the regime is changing,"

Matthew Stein is a Canadian freelance journalist who has previously contributed to World Politics Review from Bogotá, Colombia.

Friday, December 5, 2008


By Gurmeessaa Tokkummaa
December 2008

I want to begin my response to the factual errors, the double standard, and the faulty diagnosis of the problems of the Oromo liberation struggle contained in the article entitled “INCREASING POLITICAL ACTIVISM AND MOBILIZATION” by acknowledging the contributions of its author, Dr. Asafa Jalata, for the Oromo cause.

Dr. Asafa Jalata begins his paper by categorizing the enemies of the Oromo into two camps. To his credit Dr. Jalata depicted a clear, albeit obvious, picture of the crimes committed by the external enemy, “the Tigrayan-led regime”, against the Oromo. The atrocities visited on the Oromo people by the TPLF are indeed horrendous and staggering. While condemning the human rights violations perpetrated by the TPLF and its Trojan horse, OPDO, Dr. Jalata reserved his harshest wrath against what he characterized as “political entrepreneurs.” He accused these “internal enemies” for “attempting to strangulate the development of Oromummaa”.

He argued that these “political entrepreneurs” take advantage of the “low level of the political consciousness of our people” and “abuse and misuse Oromo diversity”. One can infer from this that Dr. Jalata believes that the Oromo are so ignorant and gullible as to be easily manipulated and thus need being baby-seated by the enlightened few, without whose benevolent leadership the nation is doomed. He could not even hide this elitist view when he exhorted his likes, whom he claims “are not part of the crowd” but rather the “movers and shakers”, rescuing Oromos from the plague of these “entrepreneurs”.

The question is: if Dr. Jalata’s nationalists are not “part of the crowd”, as he alleges, and thus not part of the population, how could they be “movers and shakers”?

Dr. Jalata’s argument, if one could call it as such, is that “Since some Oromos are not politically conscious, they manifest such local identities rather than national Oromummaa” and thus need some kind of transformation “through education”.

It is not clear how the Doctor is to accomplish this lofty goal when some of the people he accuses of “low consciousness” happen to be as if not more educated, in the real sense of education as a pursuit and grasp of knowledge, than Dr. Jalata. This is even more puzzling, not to mention pitiful, when the Doctor recommends the magic of “study groups” as a solution, a sort of a duck tape fix for a very complex problem.

From the article we can enumerate five distinct factors, which according to the Good Doctor, distinguishes “Oromo nationalists” from “Oromo political entrepreneurs”. These are sacrificing for the cause, high national consciousness, not being in the service of the Tigrean oppressive machinery (mainly OPDO), supporting OLF and being a member of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). By using these five criteria as a benchmark, I will try to show how Dr. Jalata used a double standard and misdiagnosed the problem.

Criterion of Sacrificing for the Cause

Dr. Jalata claims that “Oromo political entrepreneurs attack those who sacrifice themselves for the Oromo cause and spend their times and energies in attacking the OLF and its national leadership”. The reality however is that the protagonists on both sides of the debate have paid dear sacrifices. Out of the ten living members of the National Council (elected on the 3rd National Congress) who have set their feet on the ground in Oromia and taken part in actually engaged in fighting the enemy during the last decade, eight are with the group that Dr. Jalata condemns. Of the three individuals who have joined the OLF leadership fulltime from the Diaspora over the last decade, at a great cost and sacrifice to themselves, their families and their career, two are with the group that Dr. Jaalata maligns. Simply put, on both sides of the divide are many who suffered imprisonment and torture under both the Dergue and Tigrean regimes.

Can Dr. Asafa tell us that the sacrifice of Abbaa Biyya Rooba or Qubsa is not at par with that of Abba Caala Lata? Or that the sacrifice of Qanaanisaa, Magarsa Bari’s younger brother, is not at part with that of Tamam? Unless Dr. Jaalata is to arbitrarily attach more value to the sacrifices of some and flatly deny the sacrifices of others, his criteria of sifting the good guys from the bad guys in OLF based on level of sacrifice is not valid.

The people Dr. Jalata castigates today are the very people who supported and defended the OLF and its leadership for decades. Besides, what is attacked is not OLF but the poor performance of its leaders. It is the lack of progress and the paralysis that is the issue.

Criterion of High National Consciousness

As far as I am concerned the ultimate measure of a person’s national consciousness is a willingness to risk ones life, person and wellbeing for the nation. Then comes second the physical, mental, financial and moral support and contribution one renders to advance the cause of the people. From my own personal experience in the Oromo struggle over the last two decades a person’s level of education did not and does not translate into higher commitment or contribution to the struggle. The facts do actually speak to the contrary.

By the way how does Dr. Jalata measure high national consciousness? Through education? If so, could Dr. Jalata provide us with clear empirical evidence to support his thesis? How many of those attending his seminars graduated to genuine nationalists?

Political consciousness would not come only through education; one can develop political consciousness through the hard school of experience. The writer failed to analyze the political consciousness of Oromos in the pre 1991 era. How did patriots like General Wako Gutu come to boldly challenge and shaken the foundations of the imperial regime without “eductation”? Did Lenjiso Diga need education of the sort that Dr. Jalata idolizes to hand Menelik’s army its biggest defeat at the battle of Doddota taking his wife, Tayitu, captive and forcing Menelik to literally flee the battlefield for his life?

I agree that it takes consciousness and determination to sacrifice ones lifestyle or lives for a national cause. But while we appreciate the sacrifices of those toiling on our behalf, should we forfeit our right to ask their ability to lead us and their leadership style?

Dr. Asefa again failed to understand the obvious fact that the political consciousness of Oromos is high today compared to 1991. It is the current political consciousness of the Oromo that maintained this organization against all odds. When you are conscious, you question, challenge, analyze and finally take necessary action. It is this consciousness that brought a much needed change to OLF, without which it would have melted away.

The Criterion of not being in the service of the Tigrean regime (mainly OPDO)

The OLF has been recruiting into its ranks members of the OPDO ever since 1991. There are many current and former members of the OPDO who are as fervent a nationalist as could be--- if an objective measurement is used. While the OPDO as an organization is clearly an enemy outfit, we cannot deny that many of its members have paid the ultimate sacrifice after joining OLA as well as OLF’s clandestine structures inside Oromia. Many are rotting in jail for their nationalist stands and deeds.

While reading the article one cannot escape witnessing Dr. Jalata’s double standard on this issue. If being a member of OPDO is a cardinal crime, how can one reconcile the fact that Dr. Jalata invited Dr. Nagaso Gidada, a person who symbolized and personified the very humiliation of the Oromo people in the hands of the TPLF for over a decade (he has since apologized and atoned for it), as a keynote speaker to the OSA conference, an organization in which Dr. Jalata was Board Chairman? Did Dr. Jalata have any qualms?

Dr. Jalata’s double standard is also apparent when one looks at his verbal comments about the stands taken by high ranking military officers who joined OLF in 2006, after years of membership in OLF’s clandestine network. While General Kamal, General Hailu and Colonel Abebe sided with the progressives in the change camp, it is only Colonel Gammachu that remained with the reactionary group that Dr. Jalata supports.

The only scenario under which Dr. Jalata can exonerate himself from the charge of using a double standard is if he subscribes to an Orwellian logic in which “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”, which is even more problematic.

What is even more bizarre is the assertion by Dr. Jalata that “Millions of our people have joined the OPDO for their bellies to gain daily food items and basic necessities”. As a self-anointed nationalist, how does Dr. Asafa plan to deal with the “millions” of his fellow Oromos other than condemning them as enemy? Did he think about what this says about our nation and all of us when a sizable portion of our population is allegedly conspiring against itself driven by the need for “daily food items and basic necessities”?

Many of our most celebrated national figures have at one point or another served the Ethiopian system. This did not prevent them from paying the ultimate price for their nation when called upon and once dissociating from the oppressive system. It will be a great disservice for us to now use a blanket categorization of a large segment of our population as enemy simply because they joined an enemy entity for lack of “daily food items and basic necessities”. How about the magic of “study groups” to educate them?

Criterion of Supporting OLF

It seems Dr. Asefa believes that objections and challenges to “the leadership” that comes even from members and Oromos in general is an attack on OLF and Oromumma. OLF members have been challenging OLF for effective leadership ever since its inception.
Unless we want to deny the glaring facts, there is more than one group that claims the name of OLF. Judging by his attendance of the meeting in Minneapolis organized by the Shane group, on which he presented this paper and by his condemnation of the other group, Dr. Jalata’s support and sympathy clearly lies with the Shane group.

Dr. Jalata has every right to support whatever faction he deems consistent with his core views, even if one wishes he remained a neutral scholar. It would be also unfair for him not to recognize the same right for others and to deny them the benefit of the doubt.

If supporting the Shane group, which apparently does not enjoy the support of the majority of OLF members, is a litmus test for being a true nationalist, a majority of the Oromo people would not be considered nationalist at all. Out of the 3 individuals who are alive today that are duly elected by the OLF National Congress at one time or another as Chairmen of OLF, two do not support the Shane group--- Dima and Galasa. The younger brother of OLF’s martyred Chairman, Magarsa Bari, is with the change camp.

Is Dr. Jalata then to tell us that Dima and Galasa are not Oromo nationalists? How can Dr. Jalata tell us that Magarsa Bari’s family has not suffered enough and hence his younger brother who has for decades been a fighter and commander of OLA in many zones did not pass the threshold of being Oromo nationalist?

It has been over 30 years since Jara Abba Gada has left OLF. Obviously he does not support Shane. Are we then to assert that he is not an Oromo nationalist?

Dr. Jalata claims that the Wayyaane “…have also hired hidden agents and inserted them in the Oromo national movement to attack and destroy the OLF from inside.” This is nothing but an insinuation. If not, Dr. Jalata should present his empirical evidence.

The fact is that a number of the key leaders of the progressive camp did not join OLF after it was founded, some helped found it. For example, out of eight members of the former Political Bureau that are still alive, as many have been martyred, 2 are with the reactionary Shane group, two are with the progressives, 2 have taken a neutral position, and the remaining 2 are with the splinter group of 2001. A majority of the members of the National Council elected at the Emergency National Congress of May 1998 are with the progressive camp. National Council members elected on the 3rd National Congress of 2004 are evenly divided between the two groups and neither side constitutes a quorum.

Criterion of being a member of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)

Dr. Jalata accords his highest regard to members of OLA for their readiness to pay the ultimate price and rightly so. However, he goes astray by failing to explain why and how the vast majority (over 90%, a whopping figure) of the members of OLA in the various Zonal Commands has rejected Dr. Jalata’s favorite Shane group and pay their allegiance to the camp of national renewal, which Dr. Jalata seems to condemn.

Lastly, I would like to say a few words on what I believe to be a correct diagnosis of the problems that have bedeviled the Oromo liberation struggle in general and the OLF in particular. Let me begin by stating what the problem is not. The bone of contention is not Oromumma. If diversity is a criterion, the leadership of the change group is by far the most diverse of any Oromo liberation organization. What distinguishes the leaders and supporters of the two groups is not the level of national consciousness. Nor is it possible to pass a reasonable verdict based on who sacrificed more for the cause than the other. Contrary to what Dr. Jalata claims, the change camp did, and does, actually state in its statements that it does celebrate and honor the contributions and sacrifices of all those who worked and suffered over the years to bring the struggle to its current stage.

The underlying cause of the problem is 17 long years of paralysis, organizational ineffectiveness, and lack of a coherent strategy. The leadership simply could not lift the organization out of the doldrums. It could not inspire and lead the people to wage a robust resistance. It could not resolve conflict properly. It failed to make effective use of the human, material and intellectual resources entrusted to it. Dr. Asafa should therefore not talk about mobilization for the Shane camp when it was in fact the very group which arrogantly chose to demobilize its own members and supporters by failing to listen to the overwhelming desire for renewal and progress. Rather than adopting change it rather became reactionary. By closing all the high roads for change, it brought upon itself a revolution, from which it could not and will survive (the organization will not only survive but will thrive, prosper and lead the Oromo to victory). Shane has no body else to blame but itself for its ineptness, and refusal to heed calls for a way out. This is a colossal case of failure of leadership. Genuine nationalists could disagree. That is ok. But to arbitrarily and falsely charge your opponents with sectarianism is self-serving.

In conclusion, let me state that
1) The change in OLF is not a result of a low level of political consciousness as Dr. Jalata alleges but rather a product of years of soul searching and agonizing.
2) The Oromo people and its struggle have produced enough revolutionary intellectuals, but the Shane failed to make effective use of them.
3) Dr. Asefa failed to study the root cause of the change in OLF, which is the ineffectiveness of the leadership to mobilize, organize and lead the Oromo. By so doing Dr. Jalata tried to cover up the colossal failures and weakness of our leaders who have paid great sacrifices but proven unfit to lead the Oromo to victory.
4) The Oromo liberation struggle has stagnated and change is badly needed. The time is ripe for a new generation of leaders reared on the foundations of Oromumma. The recent change in OLF represents this promise and potential.

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Gadaa Jijjiiramaa

Gadaa Jijjiiramaa

Maxxansaa Duraa

Sadaasa 2008

“Roorroo diinni ummata keenya ummata Oromoo irraan ga’aa jiruu fi tuffii diinni akka sabaatti nuuf qabu yoo laalu, lammii kiyya kan lubbuun jiru dhiisii kan du’ee lafa jalatti awwaalameellee hirribarraa dammaqsii qabsoof kakaasii, diina loli jedhiin naan jetti qalbiin,” Jaalle Guutamaa Hawaas, 1994

Barreeffama “Jijjiirama, Gadaamessa Guddinaa” jedhu maxxansaa duraa kana keessatti olola murni boodessaan Shanee warraaqsa jijjiiramaa dhaaba keessatti dhooyee ummata Oromoo fi qabsaa’ota Oromoo bal’aan ammataame dura dhaabbachuuf ooftu irratti kan xiyyaafate ta’a.

Maxxaansaan Sadaasa 2008 kun “Murtii fi Kutannoolee Walgahii GS Hatattamaa” jechuun ibsa “Miseensota Qofaaf!!” jechuun murni Shanee wolgahii mijuu hin qabnee fi seeraa alaa Onk. 2-5, 2008 ta’e baase laala.

“Wolgahiin GS” seeraa alaa kun “haala dhaabaa” yeroo gamaaggamu akkana jedha:
“ABO baroota dheeraa qabsoo godhe kana keessatti gufuulee hedduu keessa dabree as gahe. Dhaaba keessatti murni adda addaa ka’ee dhaaba irratti fincilee ture. Fincilaa ykn fottoqinsa isaa ammaa wajjin marraa sadii ABO keessaa murnooti bahan. Fottoqinsa amma dura tahan irraa isa ammaa waanneen adda godhu: hoggana keessaa namooti hangi tokko dhaaba keessaa bahuu, ummata Oromoo keessaa warri naannoo kibba bahaa lakkoobsaan wayyaan isaan waliin bahuu fi zoonii waraana bilisummaa Oromoo tokko (Zoonii Kibbaa) jeequu isaanii ti. Murni kun bolola aangoo irraa gochaa seeraan alaa kana akka raawwatan, fedha aangoo qaban bakkaan gahachuuf siyaasaa tokkummaa dhaabaa fi sabaa diiguutti akka dhimma bahan walgahiin hubatee jira. Garaagarummaa akeeka siyaasaa qabna jedhanii labsatanis hin jiru. Bu’urri sochii sirna dhabloota kanaa hogganaa fi qabeenya dhaabaa dhuunfachuun akka ofii barbaadanitti dhaabicha hoogganuu fi qabsicha gara barbaadanitti oofuu akka tahe xiinxala taasifameen GS mirkaneeffatee jira. Maddi jeequmsa kanaa bolola aangoo ta’uu isaa irratti walii galame.”

Maxxansa kana keessatti barreeffamoonni 4 wol duraa duubaan dhiyaatu: isaanis,
Dhugumatti Maddi Jeequmsaa Bolola aangootii?
Oromoo Hoogganuu Dadhabanii, Oromummaa Namaa Waakkachuu
Kamtu Gandummaa, Kamtu Oromummaa?
Heeraa fi seera ofii itti hin bulleen kakachuun aadaa abbaa-irrootaa ti

Dhugamatti Maddi Jeequmsaa Bolola Aangoo ti?

"Wolgahii GS" jechuun teessuma miju-hanquu, kanaaf yaa'ii seeraa alaa, murni Shanee Onkololessa 2-5 godhe jedheen booda labsi ba’e akkana jedha:

“xiinxala taasifameen….. Maddi jeequmsa kanaa bolola aangoo ta’uu isaa irratti walii galame.”
Xiinxala “shanee” kan bolola aangoo jedhu hiikkaa dhugaa aangoon human warraaqaa fi bilisummaaf lolu keessatti qabdu wallaaluu irra mada. Dhaaba ykn jaarmaya tokko keessatti aangoon kan muudamuuf hojii jireenya dhaaba sanaa mirkaneessuu fi akeeka ummata qabsaa’aniif bakkaan gahuuf mirga murtiilee ittiin dabarsanii dha. Aangoo wanni jedhu badhaasa osoo hin taane dirqama, jaarmaya warraaqaa keessatti. Murni “shanee” aangoof hubatnoon qaban, akka qabeenya dhuunfaa namni tokko irratti abbaa fi guyyaa barbaade,ykn guyyaa kan dura jiru irraa du’e kan dhiigaan itti aanu dhaalu malee meeshaa ykn itti gaafatama waloo ykn gamtaa kanneen ijaarsa ykn dhaaba tokko keessatti dirqama taligaa itti kenname murtii hiree ummataa fi jaarmayaa irratti dhiibbaa guddaa qaban fudhataniinii miti.

Dhuguma akkuma murni “shanee” jedhu dhibdeen dhaaba keessatti uumame “bolola aangoo” tahuu nama amansiisuu danda’uu qaba. Mee yommuu “bolola aangoo” jedhamu fedhii maaliif aangoon kun dantaa ummata Oromoo dursa? Akkuma namuu beeku addi bilisummaa Oromoo jaarmaya dureessa diinagdee guddaa sochoosu dhaaba kana dhuunfachuun nama aangoo harkaa qabu addatti badhaasu akka hin taane ni hubatama. Jaarmaya human qabeessa humnoota naannoo fi addunyaa irratti badhaasa qabeenyaas tahe kabajaa addaa namaa argamsiisuu miti. Bu’aan guddaan maqaa qabsoo Oromootiin of yaamuu fi achi keessatti beekkamuu maqaan osoo hin taane, hojiidhaan dantaa ummata Oromoo kabachisiisuu danda’uu fi bilisummaa Oromoo argamsiisuu qofaan dhufa. Kun badhaasa osoo hin taane, bu’aa bahii hedduu fi wareegama bifa hundaa gaafata. Keessattuu dhugaan sochii qabsoo Oromoo irraa barranne, kanneen ummataaf of kennine jedhan hojiidhaan jijjiirama argamsiisuu dadhabuu irraa kan ka’e hireen isaan mudachaa jiru abaarsaa fi jibba waan ta’eef maqaaf aangoo barbaaduun kanneen dhugumaan yaaduu danda’an waan kajeelanii miti.
Dhibdeen guddaan hooggana Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo keessa ture, dhibdee bolola aangoo hin taane, hoogganni ture hiikkaa dirqama wallaaluun aangoo itti kenname meeshaa tattaaffii warraaqxotni qabsoon Oromoo keessatti jijjiiramni firii qabeessii fi qabsoo ummata Oromoo fuula dura furgaasu akka hin dhalatne dura dhaabbataniin godhachuu dha. Hunda dura silaa kan hiikkaa argatuu qabuu fi gaaffii deebi’uu male, kanneen ganna soddomaa ol dhaaba kana keessatti aangoo ol’aanaa qabaachaa turan, osoo jijjiirama mul’ataa dhaaba keessatti hin maddisiisin maaliif aangoo irratti akka boo’anii fi kanneen dhaaba keessatti murtii qabsoo ummata Oromoo ukkaamama keessaa baasu akka fudhatamu gaafatan maaliif akka yakkamanii dha. Addunyaa ar’a keessa jiru kana keessatti aangoo barbaaduun dhibdee miti. Dhibdeen aangoo sabni ykn murni tokko namatti kennuun rakkoo ummataa furuu dadhabuu dha. Xuriin ykn fafti guddaan osoo homaa hin hojjanne ummata dhaabataniif dagatanii akka ilkaaniin aangoo ciniinanitti gara du’aa ykn boollatti deemuu dha. Amalli “shanee” irra agaru kanuma. Aangoo malee gidiraa ummatni Oromoo keessa jiruu fi galii bilisummaa osoo hin taane, abjuun isaan argan “aangoon” isaanii namoota birootiin gaaga’amuu dha. Mee hundaafuu gama barruu “shanee”n “miseensota qofaaf” jettee baafteetti haa deebinuu.
Mee “xiinxala” kana deebifnee haa xiinxallu. Maddi rakkoo akkuma murni Shanee “xiinxala taasisee” argeen “bolola aangoo” ti jennee haa fudhannu--- mee jechumaafuu haa fudhannu. Akka kanaatti kan irratti wol dhabame “aangoo” irratti jechuudha. Mee fakkeenyaaf bineensi “aangoo” jedhaniin kun qabeenya haa jennuunii--- jechamaaf.

Qabeenya kana argachuuf tokko ni gororaaf. Kan qabeenya harkaa qabu sun “bolola” kuun qaba jedhee yakkuun san yoo hin qabaanne ka gaafatetti gadilakkifnaan rakkoon hin jirtii? Kuni ta’uun hafee, harkaa-qabaan qabeenya gamtaa san yoo dhowwate, dhoowwataan sun akkamitti “bolola” jedhamu san irraa bilisa jechuunii dandeenya?

Kuni bololaa miti karaan jechuu dandeenyuun ni jira. Tokko, qabeenyi sun kan dhuunfaa yoo taate, handhuuraa abbaa qabeenyi harka jiruu yoo taate jechuudha. Lammaffaa, kan qabeenyicha harkaa qabu qabeenya bololaa’aatti dabarsuu osoo fadhuu bololaan “karaa maleen” fudhachuutti gamnaan sarmuu dide yoo kan jennu taate. Kana jechuun “abbaan qabeenyaa” bololaan “karaa sirnaatin” itti dhufnaan kennuu hin didne jechuudha. Kuni akkana yoo taate karaa malee bololutu yakko malee, bololuun yakka miti jechuudha.

Ibsi “wolgahii GS” kun jeequmsi adda addaa ABO keessatti deddeebi’ee akka dhalate hima. Jaallan labsa maddi jeequmsa kanaa “bolola aangoo” ti jedhu barreessan kun bara 2001tti Galaasaa wojjiinis waan isaan wol dhabsiise yeroo ibsan “bolola aangoo” kana jedhanii turan. Akkasumas 2003tti Abbaa Biyyaa Roobaa fi Quubsaa Sabaa qabeenya kanaaf akka bololan “gubbarraa gadi” dhim’isaa akka ture yaadanna. Kora Sabaa 3ffaa irrattis kan bololanii dheebuu kana osoo hin bahin galan akka turan odeeffamee ture. Amaan Kadiiris bolola aangoof AWO ijaare jechuu ShG irraa dhageenye. Waaqni lubbuu isaa haa maaruu Siyaay Ibsas fi Jaarraa Abbaa Gadallee akkas jedhanii turan. Wolgahii GS Bitootessa 2008 irrattis bololtoonni qabeenya kanaaf bololanii akka dhaban matootiin ShG woldhabbiin booda maaybaasii oduu adda addaa irratti dubbataniiru.

Kana jechuun kan ShG aarse bololli kun sirnaan ta’uu dhabuu erga taatee woltajjii sirnaa kan akka KS fi GS irratti bololuun yakka ta’aa? Akkasumas namni “qabeenya” gamtaa marraa 3 fi 4 kenni jedhee dide, sirna dide moo qabeenyuma san tasa gadi hin lakkisuu jedhee didaa jira? Akka dubbiin jirtutti yoo dubbanne “karaanis” akkasuma “karaa maleenis” aangoof bololuun dhoorkaa--- abbaa qabeenyaa yoo ta’e malee. Kana jechuun kan qabeenya irratti falmamu kana harkaa qabu qabeenya kana akka qabeenya gamtaatti laalaa akka hin jirree fi akka qabeenya dhuunfaatti laalaa akka jiru agarsiifti dubbiin.

Mee bakka dubbiin nuun geessitu dhiifnee, haala qabatamaa jiru haa xiinxallu. Miseensota GS Shaneen wanjala “bolola” aangootin yakkite afur keessaa kan bakka gaafatamaa duraan qabaachaa turerra ol siikfame nama tokko qofa. Ka hafan ammallee gaafatamuma yeroo duraan Shanee jalatti ajajamaa turan qabaachaa turaniin wolgitu ykn saniiyyuu gadii qabu. Gariin gaafatama sanii olii fedhiin kan gadi lakkisantu keessa jira.

Hayyee jechaafis taatu --- jechumaaf--- mee jarri kun dhuguma “bolola” ittin himataman tana ni qaban jennee haa fudhannu.

Akkas yoo taate ummata dhibbootaan addunyaa guutuu gubbatti bakka wolgahiin sochii jijjiiramaan yaamame ta’u hundaa irratti tarree galee gumaata kuma kumaan baasu kun maaltu isa bololche? Namoota kana keessa manguddoota, haawwan, dargaggoo, shamarrran fi murna hawaasaa hundatu jira. Gadi fageessanii yoo laalan namootuma kaleessa yeroo Shaneen gaafatama, aangoo irra turte tarree galanii dhaabaaf gumaachaa ba’antu ammas jijjiiramaaf danatee dhaabbatee falmaa jira.

Mee kan dargaggootaa fi shamarranii yeroof haa dhiifnu. Manguddoonni akka Haaji Qaasim (Minnesota) faan aangoo kamiif bololaa jiru? Moo aangoo baanan tanatu yoo tokko qabate hafuuraan hunda geessi? Haaji Qaasim dhaloota Waldaa Macaa fi Tuulamaa irraa kaasee qabsoo Oromoof gumaata qabeenyaa fi lubbullee baasaa as gahan. Ar’a dhiiroo isaanis urmii kanatti osoo gargaarsa mootummaa irratti irkatanii rakkachaa jiraatanuu “bolola aangoo”f jecha waan Oromoo jedhan hundaaf gumaata kennuu?

Hayyee mee Haaji Qaasim “worra naanoo kibba bahaa” kan namoonni “bolola aangoo” macheesse keessaa bahan kana dhiifnee namoota biroo haa fudhannu. Oromoonni naannoo biraa kan akka Lalisee Roobaa (UK) kan qabsoo kanaaf qaama isaanii cinaa awwaalan maalif jijjiirama kana deeggaru laata?

Waraanni Bilisummaa Oromoo zoonilee fi bakka hundatti “worra” aangoof bololan jedhame kana jala hiriiran maalif lubbuu isaanii tan bakka bu’uu hin dandeenye wareeguuf du’aaf tarree galan? Balloo, miseensonni WBO hundi “worra badaa” san ta’innuu? Kanas keessa gadi buunee dhugaa isaa yoo qoratnu WBO moggaa fi dachee Oromiyaa hunda irraa kan dhufee fi kan inni lubbuu isaa aarsaa gochuuf ka’eefis bilisummaa biyyaa fi sabaaf malee “bolola” kamii fi eenyuufuu akka hin ta’in ifatti mul’ata. Kan isaan fi ShG duugdaa fi garaa godhe ShG dirqama WBO ijaartee, leenjiftee, hidhachiiftee fi duulchiftee bilisummaa sabni Oromoo dheeboteef fiduufii hanqachuu, akkasumas rorroo hamaa ummatichi Oromoo yeroo ammaa jala jiru irraa qoluuf ShG hoogganummaa firi-qabeessa kennuu dadhabuudha.

Dubbii fi dhugaa jirtu akka armaa olitti tarrifametti faana dhoofnee yeroo xiinxallu dubbiin dubbii “bolola aangoo” akka hin ta’in, dhugaan jirtu faallaa ibsa “wolgahii GS” Shaneen baafte akka ta’e agarra. Yeroo leelliftoonni ShG “bolola aangoo” jedhanii qoosan kan isaan itti qoosaa jiran ummata Oromoo ti. “Wolgahiin GS” jedhame madda rakkoo jaamaanuu arguu danda’u “xiinxalee” hubachuu dadhabuun kan nu agarsiisu murni kun aangoo akka “qabeenya dhuunfaatti” laalu “worra badaa” san irraa ittisuu malee saba kanaaf mul’ataa fi karoora kamuu akka hin qabne mul’isa. Kuni ShGn akka hooggana ABOtti ol osoo hin ta’in gadi guddachuu isii agarsiisa. Dhugaa dubbachuun firummaa hin dhoorgituu, “qurxummiin sammuun shamaan” baanan illaanuu kana.
Oromoo Hoogganuu Dadhabdee, Oromummaa Namaa Waakkatuu

"Wolgahii GS" jechuun teessuma mijuu hin guutin, kanaaf yaa'ii seeraa alaa, murni Shanee Onkololessa 2-5 godhe jedheen booda labsa baase keessatti rakkoo ammaa dhaaba keenya mudate kan dabran hundaa irraa adda kan taasisan keessaa tokko
"…… ummata Oromoo keessaa warri naannoo kibba bahaa lakkoobsaan wayyaan isaan [jijjiirama] waliin bahuu" dha jedha.

Labsa kana keessatti gubbaa gubbaa yoo laalan "worri naannoo Kibba Bahaa" "ummata Oromoo" "keessaa" tokko ta'uun hin haalamne. Saba tokko keessatti "worra gaarii" fi "worra badaa" jechuun tokkummaa sabichaa haaluun akkamitti adda ta'an gaafiidha.

Kibba Bahaa jechuun lafa. "Worra kibba bahaa" jechuun maali? Namni Oromoo tokko "worra naannoo kibba bahaa" ta'ee "naannoo worra biraa," akka Afaan Shanetti jechuu, ilma yoo argate ilmi sun "worra" kam ta'a? Namni biraa naannoo Oromiyaa tokko irraa "worra naannoo kibba bahaa" abaarame kana keessaa takka fuudhee intala yoo argate intalti sun "worra" kam taati? Jechuun nama fiixaa (ancestry) fi hortee (descent) isaa/isiitin kan addaan qoodnee "ejjannoo siyaasaa" itti herregnu yoo taate boru akka sabaatti garam deemna? Siyaasaan eenyummaa siyaasaa kasaaraa fi mucucaa waan ta'eef eessa dhaqna?

Fakkeenyaaf mee fagooyyu osoo hin deemne hoogganuma ShG keessaa nama tokko, J/Tamaam Yuusuf, haa fudhannu. Jaalli kun Hara Maayaatti dhalatus abbaan isaa "worra naannoo kibba bahaa" irraa ta'uu ragaa qabatamaa wojjiin kan himan jiru (namni haadha isaa erga abbaan Tamaam irraa aakiramee fuudhe malee abbaa Tamaamii miti jedhama). Odeessi kun dhugaa ykn dhara ta'uun siyaasaa Oromoo keessatti gonkumaayyuu barbaachisaa miti. Maqaa namaa kaasuun hooda waan ta'eef tasa ka'us hin malle. Safuudhasi. Garuu karaan ShG kun karaa mucucaa ta'uu sirritti waan agarsiisuuf dhiifama wojjiin itti gargaarame. Gaffiin barbaachisaa fi fardiin gaaffii "eennummaa " osoo hin taane karaa ShG taraaraa jirtu kana yoo fudhanne, akka sabaatti garam deemaa jirradha? ShG Obboleessa obboleessatti firoomsite moo, ni diinomsite? Sabicha eessan gahuuf deemti? (Logically it can only lead us towards absurdity).

Irbuu hooggantoonni ABO KS irratti fudhatan keessaa tokko tokkummaa sabichaa tiksuudha. Akkuma gubbatti caqafnetti ibsi kun "ummata Oromoo keessaa worri naannoo kibba bahaa lakkoofsaan wayyaan [wayyabni]" jijiirama wojjiin akka dhaabbatan ragaa bahee jira. Jijjiirama faana ba'uun "diiggaa" erga ta'ee "worra kibba bahaa" gaaddisa Oromoo, akka hiikkaa Shaneetti, keessatti tiksuu dadhabde jechuudha. Kuni akkana yoo ta'e, ShG gaafatama irbuu kana tiksuu dandeette moo ni dhabde?
Jechoota murni kun bakka adda addaatti darbatan yoo qalbifanne yaada "ABO jechuun ummata Oromoo jechuudha. ABO jechuun ammoo hooggana isaa ti" jedhu dhageenya. Kanaaf hoogganumma ShG diduun, Oromummaa diduu dha. Namni ykn "worri" yakka hoogganummaa ShG tti "duulun" himatame, Oromoo irratti duule akka jechuuti. Kan Oromootti duulu, diina malee fira Oromoo ykn Oromoo ta'a? Jecha kanaan "worri kibba bahaa" wayyabni diina ABO qofa osoo hin taane diina Oromootis jechuu. Kana jechuun kan gubbatti ShG Orumummaa "worra kibba bahaa" hin waakkanne jedhe gadi fageessanii yoo laalan fakkeessaa ta'uu agarra.

ABO keessatti kan namuu qaamaa-qalbii godhatee osoo mama sammuu keessa hin galchine masakamuun jecha "qaamni jalaa kan gubbaatif ajajama" jedhu ta'uu hogguu laallu, miseensotaa Shanee kan paltalk, internet fi ganda keessatti Oromummaa namtokkee "worra kibba bahaa" fi "worra kibba bahaa" jimlatti waakkatan ajaa'ibuun karaa miti. Duula kana kan labse ShG ta'us kan eebbise "Wolgahii GS" gubbatti ibsame waan ta'eef.

Oromoon saba, saba tokko jechuu erga fudhannee qaama saba kanaa keessaa "worra badaa" jennee tokkorratti labsa abaarsaa yoo baafne kan abaarame "worra san qofa moo sabicha?" jennee ofii fi wolis gaafachuu qabna. Hooggana saba ofii tokkoomsee hoogganuu dadhabee Oromummaa isaanii waakkachuun labsa irratti baasuu fi mooraa diinaatti herregu, madaala kamiin hooggana Oromooti jechuunii dandeenya?

Seenaa kana yoo laallu seenaa tokkotu namatti mul'ata. Nama Jarman tokkotu bara Naazii san waan dhala namaa hundaan, keessattuu ummata cunqurfamaa harqootaa gabrummaa jala jiru, hogguu yaadatamuu qabu jedhe jedhan. "Yeroo isaan [worri Naazii] Kaatolikoota keessaa coqanii itti duulan, ani Kaatolikii waan hin ta'iniif cal'ise. Guyyaa kaan yeroo isaan Yahuuda jedhanii dhabamsiisan, ani Yahuudaa waan hin ta'iniif afaan qabadhe. Guyyaa isaan Marxistoota adamsan, ani Marxist waan hin ta'iniif afaan cufadhee cal'ise. Guyyaa isaan na bira gayan, ani dubbachuu dadhabe; namni biraa naa dubbatullee dhabame" jedhe jedhama.

Oromoo, mucuca seenaa kana irraa Waaqni nu oolchinnaa!!!

Kamtu Gandummaa, Kamtu Oromummaa?

Murni Shanee gaaffii qabsoo Oromoo fuuldura tarkaanfachiisuu dadhabuu isaa deebisuu waan hin dandeenyef dhugaa guddaa fagoo mul’atu kana dhoksuuf, mormitoota isaa waca “gandummaa, naannummaa fi gosummaa” jedhuun haguuguu barbaada. Namoonni gariin saba Oromoo sirritti osoo hin qoratinii fi ummata isaanii gadi-fageenyaan osoo hin hubatin rakkoon QBO gaadi’ee qabe hooggana fi jaarmaya warraaqaa yaada, humna, beekumsaa fi qabeenya ummataa gara tokkotti luuccessee hoogganu dhabuu ta’uu osoo arganuu “buburrummaa guddina sabboonummaa” akka sababaatti jala muru. Waldhaansoon QBO keessa jiru wadhaansoo boodessitootaa fi warraaqxota gidduu jiru ta’uu arguu akka waan dadhabanii, waldhaansoo jiru “waldhaansoo gama tokkoon gandummaa, naannummaa fi gosummaa, gama kaaniin Oromummaa gidduu” godhanii dhiheessu. Dawaan ShG fi cirdheessi isaanii “rakkoo” kanaaf eeran dhaadannoo “gandummaa….” dhabamsiisuu jedhu. Gandummaa, naannummaa fi gosummaan Oromummaan bakka buufamuun gaariidha. Garuu dhugaan jirtu murni ShG gandummaa kan dhabamsiisuun ammoo ofii gandummaa ol ta’uun osoo hin taane gandummaa ofii Oromummaa taasisee, kan nama biraa ammoo raroo gandummaa uwwisuuni.

Oromummaan dhugaa Oromoof maraaf faayaa fi kabajaa guddina sabummaa waan ta’eef kan dura dhaabbatu hin jiru. Garuu Oromummaa jechuun halluu gariin dhalootaan cuuphame, gariin ammoo hooggantoota ABO tin itti dibame, kan guyyaa fedhan irraa haqan, godhamee dhiheeffamu Oromummaa jechuuniin nama rakka. Oromummaa tabba samii gubbatti ol fagaate kan gariin ol hiixatullee qabachuun hafee qubaanis tuquu hin dandeenne, gandummaa fi gosummaan ammoo dhoqqee gariin saamunaa “seeraa-heeraa ABO” tinis dhiqanis irraa ba’uu hin dandeenne godhanii dhiheessuun furmaata Oromummaa diiguu malee ijaaruu, yarsuu malee dagaagsuu ta’uu hin danda’u.

Kanneen sirna fokkataa ol’aantummaa Abashaa jalatti guddanne foolii xiinxala ShG keessaa waan ifa nuuf galutu jira. Akkuma abashoonni Itoophummaa kennaa isaan guyyaa fedhan namaa laatan, guyyaa fedhan namarraa mulqan taasifatan, jaleewwan ShG keessaa kanneen Oromummaan akka jaakkeetii isaan namatti uwwisan kan yeroo barbaadanitti namarraa mulquu danda’an itti fakkaatu danuudha.

Oromummaan wolqixxummaa fi wolkabajaa fi woljaalala irraa magartee dhaabbattu hundaan waan fudhatamtuu fi jaalatamtee ammatamtuuf kanneen “diinota” ykn masaanuu Oromummaati jedhamanii dhiheeffaman, kan akka gandummaa, naannummaa fi gosummaa, kana wojjiin jalqabumaayyuu waldhaansoo seenuu isii hin barbaachisu. Kana yeroo jennu sabummaan itti-ba'a waldhaansoo eenyummaa namootaa fi murnoota adda addaa giddutti ta'u irraa akka maddu, marguu fi kanaanis haaromaa fi guddataa deemu malee siidaa dhabbaataa akka hin ta’in dagachuu hin qabnu. Oromummaan ganda, naannoo fi gosoota Oromootin alatti waan ilaalamu, waan addaa tokko kan kophatti jara kanarraa bilisa ta’ee of danda'ee utubame fakkeessanii dhiheessuun “abbaan qoodaa qooda of hin hanqisuu” saniin wol fakkaata. Kan as irratti hubatamuu qabu dhibdeen kun kan ummata naanoo, ganda fi gosa Oromoo kamuu addatti laaluu akka hinta’inii fi kanneen ummataaf beekna ykn ummataan deemna jedhan qofa ilaalu akka ta’e dha.
Sab-biyyoota addunyaa keessa ar'a jiranii fi kaleessas turan keessatti dorgommiin eenyummaa ol'aanaa, sabummaa ykn sab-biyyummaa, fi eenyummaa sabaa-gadii (subnational identities) giddutti ta'u irraa walaba ta'an gonkumaa hin jiran. Dorgommiin kun akka maletti qabamuun dhalata akkasumas dhabama sab-biyyoota hedduuf sababa akka ta'e seenaan ragaa ba'a. Akkuma sab-biyyummaan yeroo ammaa bakka hundatti eenyummaa sab-qaxxamur (transnational) wojjiin waldhaansoo qabuuf dirqamaa jirtu, eenyummaa sab-gadii wojjiinis gochuuf dirqamaa akka jirtu dagachuu hin qabnu. Waldhaansoon kun waldhaansoo deemaadha, kan dhuma hin qabne. Kanaaf haalli kun madda guddinaa fi wolta’iinsaa ta’uun hafee madda diigumsaa fi woldhabbii akka hin taane yeroo hunda of-eeggachuun saba keenya baalaa irraa hanqisuuf barbaachisaa dha.

Oromummaan tokkoof ilma gudeedaa, kaanif amooo ilma guddisaa miti. Haala qabsoon teenna ar’a keessa jirtu keessatti gandummaa, gosummaa fi naannummaa mudaa namoota hagoo “naannoo worra akkasii ykn akkanaa” qofa laalu jedhanii, ofii ammoo guututti irraa qulqulluu taasisanii dhiheessuun dogoggora guddaadha. Tokko kan “yakka gandummaa” tin gaafatamu, kuun ammoo kan gaafatu godhanii dhiheessuun kaxaa dha.

Mee fakkeenyaaf woldhabbii ABO keessatti dhiheenya dhalate kana xiinxala armaa olii kana haala ala kanatti agarru wojjiin wolqabsiisuun haa gamaaggamnu.

Ganda jechuun kutaa jechuu, kan gandummaa nama jechisiisu bakka hoogganni tokko itti dhalate yoo ta’e hoogganni ShG 99% ganda lama qofa keessaa kan madde. Akka herrega ShG tti ummanni “ganda” lamaan kanaa silaa akka jiruun murna kana deeggaree, jijjiiram dura dhaabbata. Dhugaan lafarra jiru kana hin agarsiisu. Murni kun ummatuma na deeggaran jedhee abdatu keessaayyuu 1% of jalatti hiriirsuu hin dandeenye. Kan inni gochuu danda’e yoo jiraate ummata Oromoo irra bal’aa hafe jimlatti abaaruun deeggarsa isaanirraa hoonga’uudha. Kun kan agarsiisu ummataan tufamuu murna kanaa ti.

Madaalli gandummaa kutaa yoo kan ta’u taate yoo xinnaate kutaan 4-5 keessaa ummanni harka 99% ta’u jijjiirama deeggara. Kan hafanis barbaachisummaa jijjiirama hin haalan. Garuu worri jijjiirama jedhu bulguu ykn kookkoo dha jedhamee waan itti himameef kan kanaan yaadda’anii (fear of the unknown) haga dubbiin addaan baatutti eegan heddu.

Himata gandi tokko ykn kutaan tokko, kutaa dhibii irra sabboonaa dha jennee kan amannu yoo taate malee haala kanaan murna kamtu gandummaan irra ibsamuu danda’a?

Kana wojjiin gaaffii gaafatamuu qabu tokkotu jira. Mee akkuma murni Shanee nama biraatti quba qabanii “worra naannoo tokkoo” ta’uu irraa gandummaa/gosummaan himan, maalif isaanis ulaagama kanaan hin madaalle?

Fakkeenyaaf, Dr. Taaddasaa, Asteer, Liidiyaa, A/Caalaa fi Daawud, Shigut, fi Gaashuu addatti maal waan wolitti qabaniif gara tokko goruu danda’an? Abubakar, Bayaan, Tamaam fi Bultum addatti maal waan wolitti qabaniif gara tokko goran? Atoomsaa woggaa meeqaaf Abiyyuu irraa addan hin baanee fi jijjiirama jechuun Nairobi keessa fiigsisaa turan maaltu addaan baasee Bultum faatti hidhe?

Kan hundarra dinqisiisus jira. Fakkeenyaaf Daawud fi Koloneel Gammachuu maaltu woliin hiriirse? Dubbiin dhugaatti dubbii qabsoo yoo taate jaallan ilkaan diinaan jalatti wojjiin qabsaa’e gansiisee Koloneel Gammachuu maaltu adda isaa Koloneel Abbabaa, fi jeneraalota Hailu fi Kamaal irraa baasee Daawud wojjiin tarree isa galche?

Dhiiroo, bifa kanaan kamtu Oromummaadha? Kamtu ammoo gandummaadha?

Deebii isaa ummata Oromoo fi dubbiftootaaf dhiisuu wayya. Qabsaa’aan hundi akka qabsaa’aa dhugaatti of gamaaggamuu qaba. Ejjannoon fudhanne madaala maal irratti kan irkate jedhee of gaafachuu fi bakka dhugaan fi haqni isa dhaabde dhaabbachuu qaba.

Kanaan alatti bukoon dhugaa xiqqoo kijiba kumtaalaan itti dabalanii qamashan dhugaa guutuu godhanii fudhachuu fi nama sammuu fi qalbii qabu fudhachiisuu yaaluun injifannoo siyaasaa osoo hin taane taajjabbii qofa argamsiisa.

Heeraa fi seera ofii itti hin bulleen kakachuun aadaa abbaa-irrootaa ti

Qalbii Oromoo keessatti heerri, seerri bakka guddaa qaba. Seerri kan kabajamuuf adaba sodaaf qofa miti. Oromoo biratti seerri kakuu nama tokkoof kan biraa gidduu jiru duwwaa miti. Oromoon seerri irbuu namaaf Waaqa gidduu jiru jedhee waan amanuuf seera cabsuu akka cubbutti fudhata. Oromoon “seera jennaan, lagni yaa’ullee dhaabbachuu qaba” kan jedhuuf kanaafi. Oromoon “seerri laafaaf kaayan jabaa hin hanqatu” yeroo jedhu ol’aantummaa seeraa fi murtiin seeraa hunda, kan aangoo qabuu fi hin qabnellee, wolqixa akka laalu agarsiisuufi.

Oromoon seera ofii tumate irra ejjatuu dhiisii, seera diinaatuu cabsuun kan itti ulfaatuuf hubannaa seeraa kan dhaalmayaan qaama godhate kana irraa waan ka’uufi. Wayyaaneen akkuma abbaa-irroota hundaa seeruma ofii baafte cabsiti, deebitee seeraan saniin kakatti. Kuni aadaa abashootaa waan ta’eef guddisee nama raajuu hin qabu. Kana nama raaju Oromoota Oromoo hoogganna jedhan irree osoo hin qabaanne gocha aabbaa-irrootaa kanatti gamuu fi aadeffatuu isaanii ti.

ShG dhaaba keenya hoogganuu dadhabee QBO laamshessuun dhugaa waakkii fi wacni kamuu dhoksuu miti. ShG waltajjii sirnaa irratti amantaa GS dhabee akka buqqifamu waan beekuuf gaaddisa sirnaa baqatee namoota jijjiirama gaafatan maqaa xureessuu fi hujii ala taasisuu hujii godhate. Yaada rakkoo kana mariin furachuuf MGS dhiheessan fudhatuu kan dideefis kanaafi.

Heera ABO keessatti Aangoo 30.2 jalatti sirritti akka mul’atutti Koreen Seeraaf Toohannoo (KST) “Heera fi Seeronni miseensota, qondaalotaa fi hoogganoota Dhaabaa hundaan hojii irra oolfamuu fi kabajamuu tiksa.” Akkasuma aangoo 30.4 jalatti heerri keenya: “Himannoo fi iyyannoo miseensonni fi qaamonni dhaabaa murtii seeraa fi sirnaa irratti qabaatan fi sirnaan dhiheeffatan fuudhee ilaala. Murtii seeraa itti kenna” jedha. DabaleesAkkasuma angoo 30.5 jalatti, “Dhimma seeraa irratti, walgahii GS giddutti murtii seeraa kan kennu qaama kana waan taheef murtiin KST dabarsu hundaan kabajamaa dha” jedha. Hundaan kabajama jedhe malee akka jaleewwan ShG jechuu yaalan HD ykn ShG “haala muddaa” keessatti murtii GS ykn KST diduu ni danda’a kan jedhu tasa hin jiru. Kuni aangoo heeraa osoo hin taane aangoo abbaa-irrummaa ti.

ShG tarkaanfiin fudhachaa baye irkoo seeraa-heera akka hin qabne sirritti beeka. Kana waan beekuuf “murtiin fudhanne murtii siyaasaati” jedhee qaanyii malee dubbata. ShG murtii KST diduun mucuca seeraa kan keessaa ba’uu hin dandeenye Adoolessa xx, 2008 keessa lixe. ShG murtii qaama seeraa kan GSn utubame diduun seeraa fi heera dhaabaa irratti finciluu daran GS lamuu akka wolgahuu hin dandeenye taasise. Saniin booda ShG qaama furmaataa osoo hin taane madda rakkoo ta’uun fi heeraa-seera ABO faallessuun aangoo fi fudhatama seeraa akka of dhabsiise eenyurraayyuu dhokataa hin turre.

Kana booda gaaffiin hafte, akkamitti dhaaba daandii heeraa- seeraatti deebifnaa qofa. Fincila ShG kana dhaamsuun mirga miseensota ABO qofa osoo hin taane dirqamasi. Amiinummaan miseensotaa kan ittiin madaalamuun dirqama seenaa fi seeraa kana bahuu fi hanqachuuni. MGW/Miseensotni Gumii Warraaqaa/ ShG seerarratti fincile buqqisuu isaanif galatoomfamu qabu.

ShG murtii KST kana GS tti ol iyyachuu, KST murtii isii irra deebitee akka laaltu gaafachuu, ykn ammo wolgahii GS hatattamaa yaamuun kolba ykn sirna ture. ShG kana hunda didee fincila kan filateef aadaa heeraa fi seeraan bulmaataa gonkuma waan hin qabneefi.

ShG kan seeraa ol ta’uun irree malee abbaa irree of taaise hujirraa dhaabuun tarkaanfii sirrii fi seeraa ti. Heeraa fi seera ofii itti hin bulleen kakachuun aadaa abbaa-irrootaa ti.

Jijjiirama, Gadaamessa Guddinaa

Maxxansaa Duraa- Sadaasa 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Qabsoo Oromoo maaltu Danqe? Xiinxala Gabaabaa

Ummatni Oromoo erga dhaadannoo, ummata tokko, biyya tokkoo fi hiree tokkitti dhaadannoo jedhu jala hiriree qabsoo diddaa gabrummaa gaggeessuu eegalee ganna 34 ol tahee jira. Baroota qabsoo dheeraa dabarsine kana keessa kanneen dur Oromummaa isaaniitti qaanfachaa turan ofii saba isaanitiin boonuu danda'anii jiru. Kanneen kaleessa akka sabaatti sabni keenya ofiin of bulchuu fi hiree ofii ofiin murachuuf uumamaan mirga hin qabneetti fudhatan ar'a mirga saba isaanitiif sadarkaa of kennuu irra gahuun waan nama abdachiisu jechuu dandeenya. Gama birootiin kanneen barootaaf maqaa ummataatiin dhaadachaa turan, qabsoo saba Oromoo hoogganuuf hiree argatan sammuun gad-guddachuu fi gochaalee qabsoo saba Oromoo of duuba deebisanii fi tokkummaa saba keenyaa booressan irratti bobba'anii yemmuu agara. Kun kan mul'isu sabboonummaa saba Oromoo keessatti sadarkaa barbaachisutti akka ol hin guddatinii fi ilmaan Oromoo sabboonnoo jedhanii turre keessaa hedduun isaanii akka dhaadannootti maqaa Oromootiin dhaadachuu malee onneen akka Oromummaatti hin amanne namatti mul'isa. Haala armaa olii kana sirritti hubachuuf, adeemsa qabsoo keessatti dhibdeelee ABO keessatti mul'achaa turan ilaaluun barbaachisaa dha. I. Fottoqa Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa: Murni kun dhibdee dhugaa ABO irraa akka bahu isa dirqite hanga ammaatti kana kan jedhamuu jiraachuu baatus, barootaaf dhagahamaa kan ture walii galtee hooggana ol'aanaa giddutti dhalate irraa kan madda tahuun ni hubatama. Waldhabbiin dhugumaan akka maqaan IFLO ibsu, kan amantii irratti hundoofte osoo hin taane, akka Oromootti hoogganni ture waliif kabajaa laachuu dhabuu fi wal-irratti amanuu dhabuun murtiilee fudhataman irratti akka waliif hin galle taasis. Hunda caalaa rakkina ture akan akeeku barootaaf miseensotni IFLO himannaa isaan dhiheessaa turanii dha. Ifatti bahanii Oromootni naannoo biraatii dhufan ykn dhalatan naannoo keenyaa maal godhan? Warra Hawaas gamaa waani jedhu irra deddeebi'ee dhagahamuu dha. Kun egaa kaayyoo Islamaa tarkaanfachiisuu osoo hin taane, wal dhabbii hooggana gidduutti dhalateen rakkoon gandaa akka akeeka isaanii tarkaanfachiisuuf tolu keessa makachuu fi dhibdee dhalate hundaaf ganda biroo sababa godhanii dhiheessuun tooftaa miseensa horataniin godhachuu dha. II. Murna Galaasaa Dilboo/ Qaama Cehumsaa 1ffaa/. Murni kun ABO irraa fottoquuf sababi dura dhiheeffate guddaan hoogganni ture kaayyoo irraa maquu fi qabsoo hidhannoo ganee Itoophiyummaa fudhachuu dha kan jedhu ture. Adeemsa keessaa fi bakkasummatti dhugaan barre hanga ar'aatti murni kamuu kaayyoo bilisummaa Oromoo lagatee diinatti harka kennuu dhabuu dha. Sochii murna QC irraa kan barre, dhibdeen isaanii guddaan namni ganda keenyaa tuqame kan jedhu akka tahee fi akeeka isaanii bakkaan gahuufis, dhibdee qabsoo Oromoo mudachaa ture furuu fi qabsoo fuula dura tarkaanfachiisuuf sagantaa Oromoota hunda yaada tokko jalatti walitti qabu osoo hin taane lagaan wal-ijaaruudhaan kanneen akka masaanuu/oppossiton/ fudhatan irratti duuluu ture. Murna QC qabsoon Oromoo sakaalamuu fi dararaan saba keenya irra gabroomfataan gahu hammachaa deemuu osoo hin taane, murni Daud fi "ijoolleen Arsii" waliif galanii Galaasaa Dilboo aangoo irraa konkolaachisuu ture. Haaloo kana bahachuuf qabsaawaa ilma Oromoo J. Gishuu Jaarraa ganna 20 falmaa irratti dabarse "ijoollee ganda sanii" maqaa jedhuun rasaasaan tumanii akka hin awwaalamne godhanii reeffa isaa allaattiis kennan. Kanneen isa waliin bahan diina keessatti hidhatnoo irraa hiikanii biyya naannoo itti dhalatan irraa fagootti gad dhiisan. III. Murna Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud Ibsaa/Qaama Cehumsaa 2ffaa/. Murna ar'a qabsaawota bittinneesse qofaa isaa kan hafee fi lagaan/gandummaan/ Oromoo ijaaruu kan jalqabeef aangoon isaanii kanneen isaan booda dhaabatti dabalamanii ABO keessatti guddinaa fi jijjiirama barbaadaniin waan gaaga'amuu isaa ti. Akkaataa itti ijaarsa gaggeessanii fi kan isaan irraa yaadaan adda tahan irratti olola summii facaasan yommuu ilaallu, Oromummaan ittiin dhaadataa turan akka huccuu ittiin of golgan malee onneen akka itti hin amanne mul'isa. Ifa bahanii Gosa Oromoo tokko irratti duula tokkummaa fi nagummaa Oromoo gaaga'u gaggeessuun Oromoo gaaddisa tokko jalatti walitti qabuun akka hiree isaa ofiin murteeffatu godhuu waan jedhuuf dantaa akka hin qabne agarre. Dabballoota isaanii bobbaasanii ummata guddaa "ganda akka titisaa fi hoolaa wal-jala yaa'uu" jedhanii yaamuu fi tuffii diinni keenya nuuf qabaachaa ture agarsiisaa deebi'anii akka Oromummaa irratti nama ijaaruu hin dandeenye waan wallaalan natti hin fakkaatu. Osoo Oromummaan hunda dursee, kanneen kaleessa qabsoo keessatti qooda guddaa kennaa turan manaa fi jireenya isaanii lagatan guyyama tokkotti hirribaa ka'anii osoo diina akka hin taane beekan maqaa isaanii hin yakkan turan. Nmani dhugaa sabaaf falmu, dhugaa qabsaawaa tokkoo hafnaan kan alagaatuu hin haalu. Osoo dhugaa Oromummaan murna "shanee" /QC ffaa/ biratti ni dursa tahee kutaan Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud qofti Oromummaaf amanamaa, kan Oromummaa nama muuduu fi nama mulqu, sabboonummaan nama cuuphuu fi gad-nama buusee leelliftuu gandaa hin godhan turan. IV. Jaarmayota baroota garaa garaatti ABO irraa fottoqanii maqaa baafatan irraa komiin himatamaa ture, bifa kan olii fakkaatuun gandummaan dhiibamuu dha. V. Dirree qabsoo fi naannoo Oromoo addaa addaa keessatti akka hubachuu danda'etti, dhibdeen kun bakka hundaa jiraachuu namootni naannoon qabsaawaa fi goota biyyaaf lola wal godhuun numa jira. Keessatti yeroo tokko hooggana ABO baroota dheeraa qabsoo keessa turan irraa wanni arge kan hedduu nama ajaa'ibu. Kutaa tokko irraa gama kutaa tokkootti humni waraanaa yommuu tarkaanfatu hoogganoota WBO keessaa kanneen ganda keenya miitan, keessan ammoo itti hin dubbatan jedhan ijaan arguu kiyya. Kana irraa wanni xiinxale, jalqaba qabsoo keenyaa irra wixineen akka badde, Oromummaa dursuun hanqate fakkeessaanii waliin jiraachaa akka turanii dha. Dhugatti qabsaawaan ganda itti dhalate hin qabaatu hanga qabsoon bakka geettutti, osoo tarkaanfii keenya Oromummaa cimsuu irraa kaane tahee. Rakkoo armaan Olitti tuqman kana maaltuu fide? Kanneen bilisummaa saba Isaanitiif lubbuu kennan dantaa gandummaa irraa akamitti walaba tahuu dadhaban? Kanneen Oromoof duuna jedhan akkamitti Oromuummaa of-wareeguuf qophaa'aniif sana hunda caalaa kabajuu dadhaban? Kanaaf Sababni A. Muuxannoo hoogganootni keenya bulchiinsa alagaa jalatti horatan fi qorqalbii haala guddina isaanii irraa dhalate. Hoogannootni ABO hedduun qabsoo kana jalqaban, bara Haylessillassie mana barnootaa keessa kan turanii dha. Bara sanatti ilmaan Oromoo carraa barnootaa argatan hedduu xinnaa tahuu irra dabre kutaaleen namni tokkoo mana barnoota ol'aanaa keessaa ilma tokkos hin qabaanne jiraachuu hubatama. Kanneen bara sanatti baratan kan of biratti ilmaan Oromoo kun argaa turan ilmaan dureeyyii ilmaan nafxanyaa qofa ture. Jarri kun lammii isaanii fi habshoota biratti hedduu kan quudhamuuf ture. Ilmaan Habashaa keessaa akkamitti "gaallaan" sadarkaa kana gaha jechuun tuffii tahus, isaaniif garuu lammii isaanii miliyoona hedduu keessaa sadarkaa sana gahuun akka dhaloota addaatti akka of ilaalan isaan godha. Saba Oromoo keessaan ol'guddatan osoo hin taane akka saba Oromoo qonnaan jiraatu irraa ol'guddatan taasise. Kun kanneen hireen seenaa hooggan Oromoo isaan hakatti galche of-tuulummaan akka guutaman godhe. Dirree qabsoo adda addaatti gaaffii ummatni hubatnoo dhaba irraa fi sochii dhaabni ummata keessatti godhaa ture irraa quufa dhabuun gaafatan, akka waan ol'aantummaa isaanii dura dhaabbatameetti ilaaluun qotee bulaa Oromoo badii malee afaan fuudhanii maallaqa humnaa ol adabuu, loon irraa saamuu fi humna waraanatiin itti duulanii murruq gochuu bakka hedduutti mudate. Kanneen miseensa tahuuf dhaabatti dabalaman dirree leenjisaa keessa osoo jiranii fi sanaa alas erga miseensa tahanii ala ir'ina adeemsa qabsoo irratti yaada dhiheessan "amala farra warraaqsaa qaba" ykn harka diinaatu keessa jiru yakka jedhuun hamilee cabsuu irra dabree lubuu gaaga'uu bakka hedduutti mudate. Amalli kun kan ar'a murna "shanee " qullaa dhaabee fi qabsoo saba keenyaas gaaga'uu irra gahee dha. Dirree qabsootti irra deddeebi'aa akka argetti kanneen dhaaba hoogganaa turan kallattiin ummata fuula dura taa'anii mari'achiisuu fi jiruu fi jireenya isaa waliin mari'achuu arguu dadhabuun kiyya rakkoo kana sirritti akka hubadhu na taasise. B. Walbeekkomsa dhabuu: Kanneen hooggana ABO turan, jaalannuu fi abaarru hedduun isaanii haala jireenyaa fi safuu Oromoo naannawa adda addaa irraa hanga ar'aatti beekkomsa gahaa akka hin qabne ifaa dha. Kanaaf sabani haala eegalamuu qabsoo Oromoo Oromiyaa keessa turee dha. Gadaa Oromoo diigamee sabni Oromoo bittinaa'e. Kanneen qabsoo jalqaban ummata uumaan tokko tahe, yaddaan gargar bahe ijaaruuf tahus, ofii isaanii naannoo itti dhalatanii ala haala jiruu fi jireenya Ormoota godina adda addaa keessa qubataniif keessummaa tahuu isaanii ti. Seenaa Oromoo barreeffame baratanii ittiin guddatan jiraachuu dhabuu irraa irra jiroo waanuma Amaarri Oromoo jedhaa ture samuutti kuufatan. Yeroo xinnaa ture wanni an dhagahaa ture, Oromoo Wallagaa akkasi, Oromoo Arsii, fi Gujii nama Murata, Wallo akanaa fi Shawaan akkasii Amaara tuffiin Oromoo fi Oromummaa ilaalu irraa dhagahaa ture. Kanneen qabsoo saba Oromoo hoogganuuf akka tasaa carraan irratti kufe waa'ee ummata isaanii tolchanii hubachuu dhabuun naannoo itti bobba'anitti ummatatti daddaffiin makamuu dadhabuu akkasuma addaan biyyatti keessa ture booddeessaa kan barate ummata irraa dhalatee olitti of ilaalu keessatti guddachuu isaanitiif kanneen kutaa adda addaatii dhufanii qabsoo Oromoo finiinsuuf walgahan hojii qabsoo gaggeessuu fi wal-barachuun waliif quudhuu akkasumas walitti amantii horachuun qabsoo biroo itti tahe. Baroota qabsoo keessatti kanneen yaamicha sabaa kana fudhatan, akka carraa tahee naannoo itti dhalatan irraa fagaatan, kanneen naannootti dhalataniin wal-fudhachuu dhabuun alaan alaa akka jiraatan, dhibdeen kun ammoo ummata keenyatti gad-dhimmisaa adeemee nu tortorsee ajaawuu jalqabuun dhufe. Kanneen naannoo isaaniitti qabsoo eegalan kanneen naannoo birootii dhufan akka raajiitti ilaaluu fi wal hubatnoo dagaagsuu irra irraa fagaachuu akka filmaataatti fudhatan. Hubanootaaf akka tolu yeroo tokko waan hoogganni dhaabaa ol'aanaan anaa dirree leenjisaatii bahe naan jedhu tuquu barbaada. " Maali aabbee nammotni naannoo keessanii dhufan nama loluu guddatanii" naan jedha. Ija isaatiin namni kutaa an itti dhaladhee hundi namuma lola, namaan waliif hin galu. Osoo dhaaba sirriitti hin barin hooggana irraa kana dhagahe. C. Hoogganni laaloo/ Vission/ dhabuu: Kanneen saba Oromoo bilisoomsuuf ABO bu'ureessan, barootaa dhaaba kana hoogganaa turan fuula duraaf biyya akkamii akka ijaaranii fi akkamitti akka tikisan yaaduun hafee humni bilisummaa isaan hoogganan akka itti gurmuu /tokkummaa/ cimaadhaan qabsoo finiinsuu danda'u itti yaaduu dhabutu guddisee calqise. Qabsoon ABOn gaggeessaa jiruu fi ture, diina gabroomfataa buqqisanii bilisummaa Oromoo labsuu qofa osoo hin taane, saba gabrummaa bar-dhibbee duudhaan isaa laaffatte deebisanii ijaaruu akka tahe tolchee beekuu qaba. Saba Oromoo fi biyya Oromoo deebisaanii ijaaruun/nation building/ hunda dura kan barbaadu saba Oromoo fedhii gamtaa /Bilisummaa sabaa fi walabummaa biyyaa/ jalatti hiriirsuun hunda dursuu qaba ture. Afaaniin biyya ijaara jechaa lafa irratti ykn bifa mul'ataan /practically/ jalqaba irraa kaasee tokkummaa sabaa wixinee yoo hin godhanne ummata kaayyoo tokko jala hiriisuu akka hin dandeenne hubachuu hanqachuu hoogganaattu mul'ate. Kan laaloo/ Vission/ ifaa qabu/ haala Oromoo naannoo hundaa beekuudhabuun gufuu guddaa itti hin uumu ture. Namni ykn qaamni kamuu ummata isaa tokkoomsee biyya gabrummaa alagaatiin diigamte deebisee ijaaruu barbaadu hunda caalaa ummata isaa ijaaruu, tokkummaa isaa fardeessuu beekuutu irra ture. Kanaaf hoogganni qabaachaa turre ulaagaa kana guutee hin jiru. Ummatootni akeeka dhaabbataniif bakkaan gahan hundi nama jabaa/ hooggana/ murataa waan jedhe hojiitti hiiku qaban. Ummatni akka daawitii hooggana of-duratti ilaala. Hoogganni dhugaa sabaaf of kenne "Kompasii" ummataa ti. Hooggaanni ABO ture haala jiruuf jireenya Oromoo waan ilaaluu beekkomsa guddaa irraa ka'uu baatus, Oromoo fi qabsoo bilisummaa saba keenyaas eessaan akka gahuu barbaadu ofiifuu wallaaluun isaa akka lammiin Oromoo afanfaajjawu taasise. D. Qarummaa fi dandeettii ummata ijaaruu dhabuu: Kun akkuma jechu ibsutti dandeettii/intellect/ dhabuu ykn Oromummaa fardeessuu dhabuu irraa kan maddee dha. Hoogganni dhaabaa baroota dheeraaf himannaan hooggaani jiru ilmaan Oromoo hunda biratti kabajaa dhabuu fi gungummii dhiibbaa naannoo jedhuuf gurra kennuu dadhabuu, wallaalummaa hoogganummaa/ doofummaa ogummaa hoogganummaa/ ykn Oromummaa fi qabsoo saba Oromoo tiksuu akeeka duraa godhachuu dhaabuu yoo taate malee sababa biraa kennuufiin hin danda'amu. E. Sabboonummaan Oromoo dagaaguu dhabuu: ABOn gaaffa ijaaramu, sabboonummaa Oromoo finiine bifa abbaa biyyummaa dhuunfachuun mirkaneessuutti ceesisuuf qabsoo hin eegalle. Sabboonummaa ummata Oromoo duulli gabroomfataa, karaa hacuuccaa siyaasaa, aadaa, hawaasummaa fi diinadgeen hadooche deebisee kakaasuu tahuu qaba ture. Qabsoo ABOn gaggeessaa turetti karaa hojii siyaasaatiin akki itti ummatatti dhihaachaa turaname, akkumma ummata sabboonaa beekaa cal'isee humnaan dammaqsuu bifa fakkaatuun ture. Hoogganni ture, sochii ummata sabboonummaan gubatuu gaggeessuun kan hin milkaa'in tahus ofii fakkeenyaa gaarii tahuu dhabuun ummatni keenya haalli adeemsa qabsoo akka bitaa itti tahu godhe. Ummata ijaaranii dammaqsuu irra, kan tahaa ture, ummata irraa fagaatanii ummata komachuu, ummatni Oromoo uumamaan dadhabaa dha jedhanii yakkuu fi kanneen hoogganatti dhihaatanii maaliif kun tahuu dadhabe jedhanii gaafatan ati eessa turte jedhanii qaanessuun walgahii hundaa irratti mul'ataa ture. Yeoo tokko miseensa dhaaba keessaa maaliif akka dhaabni dirreetti/ Oromoo/ gidduutti deebi'ee qabsoo gaggeessuu dadhabe gaaffii jedhuuf deebiin Abbaan Caalaa deebise "isin maaliif dirree hin dhaqne, hooggana dhaabaa "mercenery" maallaqaan bitamee nama ajjeessu seetan moo" jedheen. Hooggaani keenya jaamaa ija hin qabne jaamaa masakuun walfakkaate. Dhuma irratti wanni hubatamu hoogganni qabsoo ABO gaggeessaa ture, sadarkaa muratnoo, sabboonummaa fi bilchinaan Oromoof fakkeenya tahee qabsaawota duulchisuuf dandeettii dhabuun ifatti mul'ate. Rakkoon gandummaa kan kutaa tokkoof kenninu osoo hin taane, haala gabrummaa keessa turuu fi gaaddisa mootummaa saba Oromoo hunda akka maatii tokkootti walitti qabu dhabuu irraa tahus qabsoo hidhannoo jalqabnee ganna 34 booda deebi'ee kan mul'ateef hooggana saba Oromoo sadarkaa tokko irraa kan itti aanutti ceesisuuf fedhii, dandeettii, hubannootaa fi beekkomsa akkasumas muratnoo qabu dhabuu keenya. Akeekni barruu kanaas gootota ilmaan Oromoo takka of duuba osoo hin ilaalin diina maancaasaa turanii fi lubbuu isaanii kennan kan dhaaba kana hoogganaa turan hunda walitti qabee yakkuu osoo hin taane akka jaarmayaa fi murnaatti wareegamni dhaabni kun baasee fi sadarkaa qabsoon saba Oromoo keessatti kufte yoo ilaalle, ir'ina bifa hooggana waloon jiru irraa wareegamni ilmaan Oromoo bakka dhabaa akka deemaa jiru hubannee adeemsa qabsoon Oromoo keessa dabarte qorachuun akka sabaaatti gaaga'ama guddaa irraa akka of oolchinuufi. Haala tuqame kana irraa ar'a tokkummaan Oromoo gaaga'amaa jira. Dhugaatti yoo amanne, ar'a sadarkaan Oromoon irra jiru kan 1990 gadi. Hooggana waloo Oromoo hunda bakka ba'u qabna osoo hin taane hooggana naannoo qabna. Kana jechuun kanneen haala amma keessa jiru kanatti saba Oromoon deemuu danda'an dhabamuu osoo hin taane, adeemsa jalaqaba irraa jallate ar'as akka qajeellee hin tarkaanfanne nu godhuu isaa ti. Hoogganni barootaaf ture dhibdee dhugumaan qabsoo Oromoo sakaalte qoratee akeekuuf dandeettii fi fedhii dhabuu irraa akka daran Oromoon wal[-diigdu godhaa jiraachuu dha. Ar'a Oromoon kan dallanu Oromootu tuqameef osoo hin taane namni ganda isaa tuqamuudhaa ni. Kana kan nu mude, Oromoo akka sabaatti wallaalaa osoo hin taane hooggana maseena fi jallataa jalatti kufuu keenya. Hooggani Oromoo walitti qaba jedhu, ilmaan Oromoo gandaan adda qoodee Kutaa akkasiitti qabsoo Oromoo dura dhaabbate jedhee akka diinaatti Oromoo yakku diigaa dha. Dabaree dabaree haa tahu malee kutaan hanga ammaa irratti hin duulamin hin jiru. Haala amma deemu yoo ilaalle, hoogganni "shanee" Arsiin Kutaalee Oromiyaa, Arsii, Baale, Harargee fi Shawaa keessa qubatu dhaabaa fi qabsoo Oromoo akka ganee fi diina waliin hojjatutti haasawa. Waanumti "shaneen" jettu hundi osoo dhugaa tahellee, dhaaba Oromoo ijaaruu fi tokkummaa isaa tiksuuf ganna 34 qabsoo gaggeesse ilmaan Oromoo keessa gandi akkasii dur bilisummaa leellisaa ture qabsoo gane jechuu qaanii tahuu qaba ture. Osoo akka isaan jedhan ummatni kutaa fi gandaan Oromummaa dhiigaan qabu lagatas tahee kun kan agarsiisu hammeenya ummataa Osoo hin taane hooggana dhabuu Oromoo agarsiisa. Hoogganni akka diinaa ummata siif qabsaawa jedhuun tuffatu, diinummaa isaa labsu ammoo diinaan gar-gar tahuu hin danda'u.

Waaqni Oromoo dhugaa Oromoo haa Tiksu

Abbaa Goolee

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farrummaa Murna "shanee"

salphoon nama rakkatetti, dhukkubsatetti, cubbuun itti roorrifamee fi kkf qoosuu fi kofluu caalu hin jiru. Ummata haqa ofiitiif falmu biratti ammoo kanneen saba isaaniif jedhanii wareegaman, harka diinaa bu'an akkasumas qaamaa fi sammuunis daadarkaawamanitti qoosuu caalaa gochaan nama suukanneessuu hin jiru. Kana irra dabree kan kaleessa jaallan waliin jettu diinaaf meeshaa tahuudhaan bakka hundatti qabsaawota adamsiisuu, diinaan lubbuu galaafachiisuu fi dararaa addunyaa kana irratti himuunuu nama sukanneessu mooraa hidhaa Wayyaanetti akka darbaman nama godhuu ala wanni fokkisaan hin jiru.

Qabxii armaa olii kana kan kaaseef sababa malee miti. Dhiheenya kana gootni ilma Oromoo tokko Somaalilanditti harka diinaa bu'aa dhagahuu, fi eenyu akka dabarsee diinaaf kenne akkasumas kana boodas ilmaanumti Oromoo hammeenya gurri ilma namaa dhagahuu hin qabne waa'ee goota ilma Oromoo kana dubbatan dhagahuu kiyya.

Ari'aa Daadhii eenyu. Ari'aa Daadhii ilma Daadhii garadee ti. Gooticha ilma Oromoo naannoo Arsii, golochatti dhalate, bara qabsoon Ummata Oromoo ABOn gaggeeffamtu bu'ureeffamte fincilee daggala seenee dha. Ilmaan isaa hundi bosonuma Oromootti guddatanii miseensa WBO tahuudhaan hanga lubbuu isaanii baatutti Oromiyaaf falmaa turan. Ilmaan Haajii Daadhii keessaa shan, miseensa WBO tahanii Oromoof osoo falmanii Dirree bahaa kutaa Harargee keessatti yommuu wareegaman tokkicha lubbuun hafe /ARI'AA Daadhii/ kanneen kaleessa hooggana ofii jedhaanii fi WBO ajajaa turan deebi'anii qabsiisuu isaanii ti. Abbaan Ari'aas bosonuma Oromoiyyaatti wareegame. Hunda Caalaa kan nama gaddisiisu Ar'aa Daadhii falmaa irratti madaawee isaa wal'aansaaf biyya ollaatti bahe osoo madaa isaa hin qoorin, rasaasni osoo keessa jirtu murni "shanee" diinaan qabsiise.

"Shaneen" farra ummata Oromoo fi bilisummaa akka taate erga hojiidhaan mul'ifte bubbultus, hammeenya Ari'aa Daadhii irraan isiin geesse eenyummaa isaanii hunda caalaa kan qulqulleessee ibsee dha. Ari'aan Daadhii guyyama qabame, osoo biyya ollaa jiru, akka waan harka diinatti kennee naannoo baha Oromiyaatti ummata qabsiisaa jiruu, mana paltalk "shanee" Galma Qabsoo..........." keessatti olola lallabuu eegalan. Maaltuu akka deemaa jiru beekuu dhabus, ololli akkanaa, ilmaa Oromoo jireenya isaa guutuu dirree qabsoo irratti dabarse irratti oofamu waan na jibbisiiseef cal'ise. Guyyaa lama booda hooggana qaama jijjiiramaa tokko argee gafannaan akka "deeggartootni shanee" qabsiisan, ajaja kanas kan kenne, Abbaa Caalaa Lataa, Daud Ibsaa fi Araarsoo Biqilaa akka tahan dhagahe. Araarsoo biqilaa naannoo sana keessa waan tureef namoota hedduu waan beekuuf qunnamntii qabutti gargaaramee akka Ari'aa Daadhii diinatti fi jaallan 3 biroo diinatti gurguratan ajaja dabarsan. Hunda caalaa kan na gaddisiise, kanneen ar'a Ari'aa Daadhii akka ofiin harka kenneetti fi diinaaf hojjatuutti olola dharaa oofan, "Gadaa Araaraa" namni jedhamu, fira Tamaam yousuf namni tahe kun takkaa sagalee rasaasaa kan hin dhagahin, bilisummaa Oromiyaaf takkaa dheebuu guyyaa tokkollee kan hin oolinii dha. Namni Guyyaa kaleessaa irra deddeebi'ee dhugaa jirtu haalee goota akka Ari'aa Daadhii cubbuun abaaraa ooluu yommuun dhagahu lubbuu kiyyaan jibbe. Oromummaa kiyyatti qaanawe. Murni "shanee" hooggana kiyya jedhee waggaa 20 jala deemaa ture farrummaa akkanaa irratti bobba'anii yommuun argu hangam bal'isee akka ilaalaa hin turre of arge, kanneen akkanaa irraa dirqama fudhachaa turuu kiyyaaf.

Ar'aa Daadhii goota gaafa hoogganni dirree qabsoo dhiisee baqate, humna facaase ciniinnatee bosona Oromiyaatti hafuun dirree bahaa keessatti akka WBOn jiraatu godhee dha. WBOn akka jiraatu godhuu qofa osoo hin taane, murna "shanee" ar'a isa qabsiise yeroo hedduu bakka isaan itti dhokatan Asmaraatti deddeebi'uun akka humni biyya keessa hooggana isaa eggataa jiruu fi dirreetti deebi'amee akka qabsoon finiinsamu yaadachiisaa ture.

Namoota Akka Abbaa Caalaa, Daud Ibsaa fi Araarsoo Biqilaa yoo ilaalle umrii isaanii walakkaa ol maqaa qabsootiin dabarsan. Ari'aa Daadhii garuu umrii isaa harka dhibba keessaa 99 qabsoo irratti dabarse. Keessattu kannen akka Araarsoo Biqilaa Ari'aa qofa osoo hin taane abbaa isaa fi obboleeyyan isaa barootaaf akka baala mukaatti Oromoo fi Oromiyaaf jedhanii harca'aa turan ni beeka. Fakkeenyaaf obboleessi Ar'aa guddaan 1997 yommuu kufuu Araarsoo Biqilaa ni ture. Kan kufes, dirreetti bobba'ee osoo hin taane, hooggana dhaabaa humna ittisutti ajajaa tahee osoo lolchiisu ture. Egaa hoogganni dhaabaa Gadaa Daadhii akka jiraatanii qabsoo ummata Oromoo gaggeessan, qabsaawota duulchisanii fi nagummaa miseensota dhaabaa tiksuan of wareegeef Araarsoo Biqilaafaa dha. Waaqni dhugumaan jiraataa taanaan dhugaan ar'a ukkaamfamtus, kanneen cubbuu fokkataa akkanaa Ar'aa Daadhii irratti dalagan hoonga'uu fi jireenya irratti qaana'uu hin oolan jedhee abdadha.

Dhugaatti dhiiga Oromoo yoo qabaatan, kanneen akka Araarsoo Biqilaa, Abbaa Caalaa Lataa, fi Daud Ibsaa goota ilma Oromoo ofii qabsiisanii, ofumaa deebi'anii ar'a akka ergamtoota isaanitiin irratti duulamu godhan kana akka dhaabsisan maqaa gootota Oromoo Oromiyaaf jedhanii lafee isaanii caccabsanii fi dhiiga isaanii lolaasaniin gaafadha. Hunda Caalaa akkaataa Ar'aa Daadhii itti qabame kan beeku Abbaa Caalaa, Daud Ibsaa fi Araarsoo biqilaa ti. Lubbuu goota kanaa galaafatanii, dararaaf erga isa laatan booda, mana paltalk hunda keessatti akka deeggartoota isaanitiin itti qoosamu gochuun cubbuu waaqni dhiifama hin gooneef natti fakkaata.

Dhuma irratti, lammiiwwan Oromoo barruu kana dubbisuuf hiree argatan, dhimma gooticha Oromoo AR'AA DAADHII kana jala buutanii akka hibattanii fi akkaataa diinatti dabarfamee itti kenname akka qorattan isin yaadachiisaa, goota ilma Oromoo kana garaa garummaa ijjannaa qofaaf itti duulamu, akka dhaabbatu qooda keessan akka baatan isin gaafadha.

Manguddoon Oromoo keessattuu kan naannoo Minesotaa jirtu, Kashlabboota akka "Gadaa Araaraa, Caffee anannii" maqaa jedhuun kannneen halkanii fi guyyaa mana paltalk keessa oolanii buluun hojii fokkataa shanee gaggeessan akka gochaa kana irraa of qusatan akka godhan gaafadha.

Kannen lafee, dhiigaa fi dararaa qabsaawota Oromoo irra gahuun gammadan, cubbuun lubbuun qabsaawotaa akka gaaga'amtu godhan, lafeen gootataa akka isaan waraantu, dhugaan isaa irratti haa jiigdu, cubbuun isaan haa dhaaltu!

Ummatni Oromoo cubbuu keessaa fi alaa ni injifata!

Dhiibaa Garbii

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gochaan malee Uumamaan diinummaan hin jiru, Gochaa Murna "Shanee" ilaala.

Adduunyaa kana irratti ilmaan namaa kan wal-dura dhaabaa ture, walitti diinomsee fi akka bineensa wal-fixuu irra dabranii sanyii wal-duguugutti akka aggaamatan godhaa ture uumaa osoo hin taane gochaa isaan wal irratti raawwatanii dha. Tokko qabeenya kan biroo humnaan saamee jiraachuuf hawwuu fi duula kanneen humna hin qabne irratti labsuun, akka ilma namaatti kabajaa isaan uumamaan qaban dhoorkachuun ilmaan namaa akka hantuutaa fi adurreetti wal-ilaalan godhe. Haalli yeroo ammoo mooraa qabsoo keessatti mul'ataa jiru kanuma nu agarsiisa. Murni Daud Ibsaa fi Abbaa Caalaatiin durfamu, barootaaf WBO bilisummaa Oromoo akka diigamu shira dalagaa turan irra dabranii ar'a isaan Oromoo hoogganan malee Oromoo wanni jedhu akka hin jiraanne lammii Oromoo walitti diinomsuudhaan akka tokkummaa saba keenyaa bifa salphaatti walitti suphuu hin dandeenneen diigamu halkanii guyyaa hojjachaa jiru. Duulli Oromoo diiguu kun bifa hedduun lafa jala kan deemaa jiru yommuu tahu, kan amma ifaatti adeemu jiru keessaa; 1. Ilmaan Oromoo dhalootaan naannoo Arsii tahan ifatti bahanii arrabsuu dha. Kun yeroo ammaa ifatti mana paltalk "Galma Qabsoo" jedhamu keessatti miseensota ABO murn "Shanee" jala hiriiraniin bal'inaan kan adeemsifamu yommuu tahu ajaja gubbaa irraa Daud Ibsaa, Abbaa Caalaa Lataa fi Tamaam Yousufiin dabru akka tahe hubachuun nama hin dhibu. Olola Gosa Oromoo Arsii irratti oofamu keessaa inni dura ummatni kun dhibba irraa harki sagaltama OPDO akka tahee fi waan qabsoo jedhamus duri irraa kaasee akka hin beeknee dha. Hunda ilmaan Oromoo naannoo Arsii Juneeydii Saaddootiin walitti hidhu. Naannoo Arsii keessaa Juneeydii Saaddoo OPDO tahuun akka waan namni Gosaa ARSII tahe hundi OPDO tahuu dhaalutti. Kanaaf harki dhaabaa akka keessa jiruuf ragaan guddaan warri mana kana gaggeessan miseensota dhaabaa kan akka Onnee/Juneeydii/ dura taa'aa Kutaa ABO USA fi Canada /murna shanee/ fi miseensota akka Aannanee /haadha manaa Ganatii Dheeressaa/ nama maqaa paltalk "oromticha_8 jedhuun seenu dhalootaan Horroo/ fira Gaashaahun Lammeessaa kan tahe, dura MN jiraataa ture, Moosisaa fi Buruyso kanneen jedhaman miseensota dhaabaa fi qunnamtii dhaabbataa warra Abbaa Caalaa, Daud Ibsaa fi Tamaam Yousuf waliin qabanii dha. Kan namaaf galuu hin dandeenye ololli gosa tokko irratti xiyyaafate kun bu'aan isaa maal akka tahee dha. Namoota birootiif ifaa tahuu dhabus, ololli amma gosa Arsii irratti xiyyaafate kun murna "shanee Gumii" ofiin jedhuun walgahii irratti kan bal'inaan irratti mari'atamee fi ilmaan Oromoo dhalootaa bahaa tahanii fi Oromoota Arsii gidduutti jibbaa kana hin jedhamne uumuudhaan fuula dura haala amma deemaa jiru kana dhuunfachuu dadhaban lamuu akka ilmaan Oromoo wal-hin amannee fi qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoof godhamu akka laaffatuufi. Kana booda, kun isinitti himne warra akkasii fi akkanaattu qabsoo diige jechuudhaaf. Ololli kun tuffatamee irra dabramuu qaban kan jedhan hedduu tahanis miidhaa guddaa geessuu isaa ifaa dha. Akkuma gubbaatti jedhe, ilmaan nama kan diina walitti godhu waliin dhalachuu fi dhiiga tokko tahuu osoo hin taane gochaa dha. Kabajaa waliif dhabuu fi walxiqqeessuu dha. Nama tokko irratti duulamu irra dabramuu danda'a. Gosa guutuu irratti duuluun garuu gaaga'ama guddaa fida. Ilmaan Oromoo hedduun maqaa OPDO fi ergamaa diinaa jedhu diddaa harka kennuu didanii boombii ofitti dhoosan, biyyaa baqatan, qabeenyaa fi maatii isaaniin addaan bahan dimshaashumatti OPDO jedhanii gosa isaanii walitti qabaan maqaa kennuufii caalaa kan itti dhagahamu hin jiru. Osoo akka hawwii Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud tahee Wayyaaneen ofumaaf kuftee warri Eritrea murna "shanee" galma Minilik qubsiisa tahee duulli sanyii duguuguu ummata ARSII irratti hin raawwatamu jechuun hin danda'amu. Baalee fi Arsii Rwandaa tahuu dandeessi. Ummata fincila diddaa gabrummaa keessatti bakka ifaa qabu, ummata gabroomfataaf jilbiinfatuu didee harkaa miilli murame, ummata seenaa boonsaa qabu kana maqaa kana itti mooggaasuun murni shanee ofiin jedhaa ture hangam kabajaa saba Oromootiif akka hin qabne agarsiisa. Murni Booddessaan Abbaa Caalaa fi Daudiin durfamu kun akka barootaaf mooraa qabsoo diigaa fi sabboontota facaasaa ture, ar'as ummatni keenya akka diina walitti tahee ilkaan walitti ciniinnataa adeemu gochuu kan gosa tokko qofa miidhu qofa osoo hin taane qabsoo oromoo fi fuul-duree saba keenyaa kan dukkaneessuu dha. Murni "shanee" nama tokko Juneeydii Saaddoon OPDO gosa tokkotti galchuu barbaadu, Nagaasoo Gidaa irraa kaasee miseesnota dhaabaa kan turan firoottan isaanii hedduun OPDO hojjataa turuu fi Goobanummaan bifa haarayaan akka dagaagdu barnoota kennuu yaadatuu laata.? 2. Ololli biroo bal'inaan ar'a waajjira "Hayyuu Duree" fi Abbaa Caalaa irraa gaggeeffamu kanneen dhaaba kana keessatti jijjiiramni saba Oromoo aanga'oomsu uumamuu qaba jedhan hundaa diina irra akka maallaqa fudhatanii qabsoo Oromoo irratti bobba'anii dha. Kun dhibbaa dhibbatti kijiba tahuu osoo beekan akka gadoota qabsoo dabran, qabsaawotni adeemsa keessa waliin deemuu dadhaban gonkumaa akka fuula dura dhimma Oromoo irratti walitti dhufanii hin hojjanne summii gidduu naquuf kan tilmaammatan yommuu tahu fottoqa Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa irraa kaasee kan mmurni booddeessaan kun itti milkaa'ee dha. Ar'a kanneen baroota dura ABO irraa bahan yommuu haasofsiifnu wanni dhageennu, ABOf akka jibbaa hin qabne, garuu lammata dhaaba kanatti hanga namootni farra tahanii qabsaawota facaasan jiranitti akka hin deebinee dha. Kun kan mul'isu ar'a kanneen jaarmaya /ABO/ keessaa yeroo irraa yerootti harca'aa turan kaayyoo fi dhaaba irraa rakkoo akka hin qabnee fi murna booddeessaa kanaan akka dhiibaman, maqaa xureeffamanii lammata of duuba deebi'anii jaarmaya kana akka hin ilaalle akka taasifamanii dha. Ololli kun bal'inaan itti fufee jira. Asmaraa irraa guyyaa hunda osoo addaan hin cinne bilbilli namootatti dhahama. Sagaleen dhagahamu" kun ebalu, waajjira hayyuu duree irraa bilbilaa jira, kanneen jijjiirama jedhan maallaqa miliyoona hanganaa diina irraa fudhachuu dhageettee, mee isaanitti dabalamuu dura irra deebi'ii yaadi" jedhu. Kan nama ajaa'ibu, dhaaba caayaa sabboontotaa ture kana keessatti, bakka bu'oota gandaa ijaaruu isaanii ti. Namni isaan namoota naannoo Shawaatti dhalatanitti bobbaasan namuma Shawaatti dhalate. Kutaaleen hundi "Waajjira Hayyuu Duree" keessatti bakka bu'aa qabu. Kan isaan rakkise garuu humna booddeessaa kanaaf namni hojjatu dhabamee nama Kutaa sadiihuu keessa dhufe dhabuu isaanii ti malee. Eegaa kun kan agarsiisu, qabsaawota wal-irratti diinomsuu malee waajjirri Hayyuu Duree karoora qabsoo akka hin qabnee dha. Namootni isaan ar'a irratti bobba'an hedduu qabsoo kana keessatti qooda guddaa kennaa kan turan, sadoo isaanii irraanfatanii ummataaf kan of kennan, baroota hedduuf kan qabsoo hidhannoo keessaa qooda fudhatanii dha. Fakkeenyaaf Ajajaa Zoonii Kibbaa, kan miseensa Gumii Sabaa ABO tahe, dura SBO irratti dhiheessuun faarsaa turan guyyaa inni gochaan "shanee" diigaa akka tahe dubbate "embassy Ethiopia" oole jedhanii bakka hundatti labsan. Abbaa Nagayaa Jaarraa isaan halkanii guyyaa diina waliin akka harka qabuu irratti ololan, nama gaafa Abbaan Caalaa fi Daud humna 10,000 facaasanii maallaqa hafe humna dirreetti hafe jalaa fudhatanii Sudanitti bahan bosona Oromiyaa bahaa fi kibba bahaa keessatti humna duulchisaa turee dha.Hedduun isaan maqaa balleessuuf marxifatan kun yeroo Daud Ibsaa Nairobii keessatti Faaxee jimmaa waliin sagaagalu, whisky habbuuqatu dirree keessatti kophee malee warra deemaa turanii dha. 3. Oromoota dhalootaan naannoo dhihaa tahan hunda qunnamuun Oromoon naannoo Arsii isin dhabamsiisuu barbaadaa maal eegdan jechuun shororkaa uumuu; Ololli ilmaan Oromo walitti buusuu hafarsamaa jiru kana kan kallattiin gaggeessu Abbaa Caalaa Lataa yeommuu tahu, biyya alaa bakka hundaa fi namoota dhihaatti dhalatan kan OPDOf hojjatan hundi osoo hin hafin duula kana irraa akka qooda fudhatan kakaafamaa jiru. Wal-dhabbii dhaaba keessatti dhalate, kan qabsoo fuula dura oofuu fi bakkuma jiranitti ta'aau irraa madde waldhabbii amantii godhanii dhiheessuun kanneen amantii Islaamaa hordofan kanneen Amantii Kristiyaanaa hordofan irratti akka duuluuf qophaa'aa jiranitti olola dharaa hafarsu. Kanneen duraan takka yaadatanii hin beekne, Waldaa Amantiitti galanii bakka Oromoo gahe hunda lagachaa turan waraana gandaa godhanii Oromoo walitti bobbaasuuf dharaan ijaaraa jiru. Qabxiilee armaan olii kana irraa waa lama hubanna 1. Murni "shanee" Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud Ibsaa durfamu aangoof jecha ilmaan Oromoo Tutsii fi Huutuu 1990 ta walitti godhuu irra akka hin deebinee dha. Qabsoof kana godhan akka hin jenne, aangoo qabsaawotni itti kennaniin asiin dura hojjatanii isaan irraa kan agarre qabsaawota facaasuu fi qabsoo hidhannoo biyya keessaa akka baatu gochuu waan ta'eef. Kana malee murni kun leelliftoota ol'aantummaa ganda tokko malee sabboonummaa wanni jedhu dhiiga isaanii keessa akka hin jirree dha. Osoo sabboonaa tahanii, aangoo mulqamnee qofaaf fuula dura akka gonkumaa lammiin isaanii waliin dhaabbachuu hin dandeenya summii hin facaasan ture. Osoo dhugumaan qabsoof yaadanii yaada qabsaawotaa fi ummata Oromoo fudhatanii dirqama qabsoo hoogganuu dhaloota haarayatti dabarsuu turan. Osoo qabsoof yaadanii ganna 18 guutuu Abbaan Caalaa fi Daud baqattummaa keessa taa'anii qorannoo tokko fi hooggana malee biyyatti erguun irbaata rasaasa diinaa hin godhan turan. Osoo qabsoof yaadaanii dhiheenya kana naannoo Booranaatti kanneen miseensota WBO turanii waldhabbii dhaaba keessatti taheen murni "shanee" afanfaajjesse "warra jijjiiramaatti harka hin kenninaa, diinatti galaa" jedhanii dirqama hin kennan turan. Silaa osoo dhigaa qabaatanii qabsoo hidhannootti amananii humna diinatti galchan kanaan, ciniinnadhaa lolaa humna lachuu jedhu turan. Kana agarru, Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud qabsoon hidhannoo hafnaan Oromummaatti hin amanan jechuun ni danda'ama. isaan leelliftoota gandaa maqaa Oromummaa golgaa godhatanii dha. 2. Murni "shanee" kun gonkumaa karoora hojii fi laaloo/vission/ kan hin qabne tahuu dha. Fakkeenyaaf namni yeroo ammaa isaan hayyuu dha jedhanii oliif gad ergatan, kan dur-dirree qabsoo keessaa ganee qabsaawota dhiiga dhangalaasisaa ture "Dr." Bayaan Asoobaa haasawa deeggartoota "shanee"f naannoo DCtti godhe keessatti kanneen ganna 30 ol qabsoo keessa turan nammootni ganna lama dhaaba keessa hin turin aangoo irraa fudhachuu anaannatee dubbachuu malee qabsoon saba Oromoo akkamitti akka fuula dura deemtuu fi salphina akka sabaatti keessa seenne keessaa akkamitti akka baanu jecha tokko hin darbanne. DAUD IBSAA fi ABBAA CAALAA sabni Oromoo salphina keessa jiraachuuyyuu waan hubatan natti hin fakkaatu. Bayaan Asoobaas yommuu dubbatu, kanneen gana 30 qabsoo saba isaanitiif hojjataa turan akkamitti kanneen kaleessa dhufan bakka isaanii dhaalani malee kanneen inni nutti faarsuu barbaade Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud Ibsaa sagalee rasaasaa erga dhagahanii umrii gammeessa tokko gahuu fi dirree qabsoo erga arganii ganna 18 tahuu dha. Bayaan Asoobaaf Asmaraan Bosona Wallagaa, Baalee, Arsii, Harargee ............ itti fakkaata. Kanneen ar'a Murna "shanee" kaleessa hooggana keenya jedhanii ture dhaabni keenya dadhabina guddaa keessa akka ture, qabsoon hidhannoo akka laaffatte hin hubatan.Hoogganni dhaaba kanaa qabsoo irratti cichuu malee dhaaba kana akka fuula dura hin tarkaanfatne gochuu hin amanan. ilmaan Oromoo miliyoonaan lakkaawaman, osoo bilisummaa dheebotanii fi ummata isaanitiif jireenya irratti waa godhuu barbaadan hoogganni kun hamilee cabsee manatti dacha'anbjiraachuu hin amanan. Gosaan namoota naannoo Abbaa Caalaa, Daud fi Tamaam Yousuf akka ilmaan Oromoo naannoo biroo jibbu godhanii ijaaruun rakkoo Oromoo akka waan furuu danda'uutti yaadu. Kanaaf egaa gabaabaatti hoogganni "shanee" dhibdee kaleessa ture hin hubatu, fuula duraafis furmaata hin qabu jechuu dha. Kan murni "shanee" ogummaa guddaa itti qabu, ciminaan hojjatee gufuulee qabsoo buqqisuu fi akka hin dhalanne godhuu osoo hin taane, gochaa diinaa guddisee dhheessuu fi akka homaa godhuun hin danda'amne, hanga waaqni gadi bu'ee Oromoof qawwee baatutti taa'anii eeguu dha. Osoo homaa hin hojjatin ganna 4o miseensa ABO tahanii ta'uu qabsootti cichuu jedhuun. Kanneen ar'a dhufanii nu hojjachiisaa fi osoo yeroo hin dabree saba keenyaaf waan mul'atu haa goonuu jedhan jarjartoota wanni hundi salphaa itti fakkaatu godhanii hamilee cabsu. Xumura Murni "shanee, murna diigaa, murna karoora ololaa malee karoora hojii hin qabne, guyyaan itti dukkanaa'ee dha. Murna jaalalaa fi kabajaa sabaa osoo hin taane, murna qullaa dhaabbatee hojii malee of dhaadu, murna ofittoo jaalala fedhii mataa isaatiin ahwaale/obsessed/ dha. Haasaa isaanii keessaa ji'oota lameen dabran wanni dhageenni karoora hojii olola Oromoota addaan facaasuu irraa madde hafarsuu fi hooggana dhaabaa ganna 30 qabsoo irratti dabarseetu salphifame kan jedhu qofa. Ummatni Oromoo osoo barii bilisummaa arge jedhu itti dukkanaa'e, osoo WBOn ar'a na dhaqqabee gumaa sabaa baasa jedhu hawwiin isaa abjuutti jijjiirame, kan boru irra wayyaadha osoo jedhu gabroomfataan gidiraan itti hammaateef deebii tokko murni "shanee" hin qabu. Hunda caalaa dantaa mataaf jedhanii Oromoo amantii fi naannoon walitti naquuf tattaafiin godhamaa jiru, fuula dura salphina kana jalaa bahuuf sabni keenya tokkummaan akka hin warraaqnee fi abbaa qoroo gandaa jalatti akka kufuu fi haala yeroo duulli Minilik jalaqabamuu dura Oromiyaa keessa turetti kan nu deebisuu dha. Dadhabina hojjannee irra aanuu dandeenna. Saba Oromoo gandaan addaan facaasuu garuu irra aanuun dhaloota biroo gaafatuu mala. Dhugaan Oromummaan akka dagaagdu yoo hawwina tahe, jirrenya keenay irratti sabni keenya akka humna tahee mataa ol'qabatee dhaabatu dandeessisuun hawwii keenya yoo tahe, gama fedhe dhaabbanus shira qabsaawotaa fi qabsaawota, ummata naannoo tokkoo fi naannoo biraa walitti duulchisuuf godhamu dura haa dhaabbannuu. Ilaalchaan adda baanus, dhugumaan Oromummaa fi qabsoo saba keenyaatti amanna taanaan yaadaa wal dura dhaabbannee deeggarsa ummata keenyaa haa barbaadnuu. Ololli gosa tokko irratti xiyyeeffatu, qabsaawotni akka diinaatti wal-ilaalan godhu badanii balleessuu/suicide/ irra addaa miti. Badanii balleessuun nuti dhagahaa turre/ sucide/ diina irratti kan xiyyeeffate yomuu tahu kun kan of-balleessuu waan taheef iyyinee iyya dabarsinee akka dhaabbatu haa goonuu. Diinummaan uumamaa hin jirtu. Gochaan keenya diina walitti nu godhuu danda'a. Kanaaf diinummaan Warshaa "shanee" keessatti uumamee ummata Oromoo keessatti akka babal'atu godhamaa jiru akka dhaabbatu sagalee tokkoon tokkummaa Oromoof haa dhaabbannuu. Gadaan Gadaa injfatnoo fi Jijjiiramaa ti.!!! Bulee Garambaa ti.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jiijjiirama Hundee maaliif nu barbaachise?

Yeroo Ammaa Jijjiiramnni hundee ABO keessatti maalif barbaachise? Kutaa TokkoffaaThursday, 08.21.2008, 05:52pm (GMT)
Yeroo Ammaa Jijjiiramnni hundee ABO keessatti maalif barbaachise? Kutaa Tokkoffaa: ABO keessatti jijjiirama hundee fiduun yookaan ABO haaromsuun kan barbaachiseef QBO saffisaan galii isaa rukuchiisudhaaf jecha waan nurraa hir'atte guutannee, kan jallatte diriirsinee qabsoo karaa sirrii qabsiisuuf qofa akka ta’e ifaatti beekkamuu qaba. Jijjiirama fedhii fi gaafii miseensotaa ABO fi abbaa qabsoo kanaa Ummata Oromootiin dhaaba kana keessatti ta’e kana xinneesanii jijjiirama namoota murtaa’on ( Oromoota nannoo takka keessatti dhalatiin) dhufe fakkeesaii dhiheesuun kan boru seenaa keessatti nama qaanfachiisu akka ta’e wal yaadachiisun fardii ta’a.

Osoo ololli kun dhugaa ta'eeyyuu namnni murataan tokko, murnni tokko yookaan namoonni naannwa tokootti dhalatan wareegama barbaachisu kafalanii Oromiyaa bilisoomsuuf yoo soso'an yakka ta'uu hin danada'u. Murnni har’a qaama jijjiirama hundee ABO keessatti fide gandummaan yakkuu barbaadu kun qaama ufii isaa bara dheeraa dhaaba keessatti caasaa gandummaa gubbaa haga jalaatti, beekaa haga wallaalaatti ijaaree gadaa hooganaa ABO dhufaa dabrraa keessatti aangoo irra uf tursiisuf hojjachaa tureedha.

Murnni kun qabsoon Oromoo qancarte dhiifte, Ummanni Oromoo balaa beelaa, dhibdee fi diinaan dararame dhiise, Oromoon humnna qawween biyya abbaa isaa irraa buqqaafame dhiise, laffti Oromoo alagaan ciciramee gurgurame dhiise, dubartiin Oromoo humnnaan humnna waraana/polisa diinatiin gudeedamte dhiifte, mangudoon Oromoo diinaan salphate dhiise, daa'imman Oromoo jiraa isaanii bineensa nyaachifame dhiise, Oromoon bahaa-dhihaa, kaabaa-kibbaa sab bicuun lafa irraa duguugame dhiise, dhalttuun Oromoo garaa haadhatti saanjaan ajjeefame dhiise haga isaan aangoo ABO irra turanii maqaa ABOn daldaluu danda’anitti dhimma itti hin qabin. Qabsoon rakkoo fi gufuu malee milkooftu jiraachuu baattullee tan ummata hedduu osoo if duubaa qabduu rakkoo keeysaatiin sakaalamtee bara dheeraaf qancartee Ummata isii salphina keessaa baasuu dadhabde qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo qofa jechuun nidandayama.

Rakkoon tun hooggana siyaasaa cimaa Oromoo lolee lolchiisu fi oromoo uf jalatti gurmeesee diina irratti duulee duulchisu dhabuu fi adeemsa ifaa ta’e kan arrab-lamee uf keessaa hin qabnne ( clear vision) qabaachuu dhabuu akka ta’ee saba Oromoo jalaa kan dhokatu miti. Waan hundaa ol garuu wanni qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo bara dheeraaf sakaalee uf dura tarkaamfachiisuu dhoowwee qancarse rakkoo keessaa sirnnaan haasa’a ilaa fi ilaa meen furachuu dadhabuun namoota dhaaba keessatti gaafii sirnnaa kaasan maqaa farra qabsoo jedhu itti moggaasanii yoo halli mijaa’ef ajjeesuu, yookaan hidhuu, bakka kun hundi hin aanjofnnetti qabsoo irraa moggaatti dhiibuu akka ta’e hubatamaadha.

Halli kun ABO keessatti bara baraan wal facaasuun dhaaba biraa dhalchuu fide. Erga dhiibbaa adda addaatiin dhaabonni haaraan dhalatan boodee dhaabota siyaasaa Oromoo jidduu waliigaltee fi tokkummaan siyaasaa dhabamuun Ummata Oromoo afaanfaajessee ka jala deemu fi dhiisu wallaalchisee, tokkummaa Ummata Oromoo laafisee diina waloo irratti qabsaa’ee biyya isaa dhuunfachuu akka dhoowwe dhala Oromoo hundumatu beeka. Kanaaf ragaan, kan ta’u seenaa ABO kan bara 30 olii kan dabree fi haala amma jiruuudha. Ummanni Oromoo wanni bilisoomuu dhabeef qabsoo keeysaa geegesee rakkoo tana furuu dhabeeti malee loluu dhabee ykn diinni irra cimee akka hintahin shakkiin hinjirtu. Hoogana goota Ummata gootaa fi seena qabeessa ta’e kana gurmeesee diina irratt duulchisutu dhibe. Hooganni yeroo amma aangoo irraa kaafame SHG-ABO kun hoogana bilisummaan biyya baqaa taa’anii hawwuu qofaan dhufuu danda’a jedhanii yaadan yookaan abjootan hoogana yoo akka tasaa wayyaaneen aangoo mootummaa gadi lakkiftee maqaa Ummata Oromootin affeeramanii mootummaa ta’uuf qophaa’an fakkaatu. Ragaan hujii isaanii baroota 17 dabrre bara chaarteeraatin booda arginuu dha. Bilisummaan hawwii qofaan argamtu manaama dhugaa tahuu hindandeenye.

Ummanni Oromoo har’as ta’e boru yoo rakkoo tana irra aanee firaa fi tumsa qabsoo heddummeesuun gamtaan diina kallattii irratti duule injifannoo galmeesse malee wareega fedhe baasu illee hoogana amma jiru ( SGH-ABO ) jalatti bilisummaa isaa goonfachuu akka hin dandeenye ifaatti mul’atee jira. Kanaaf qabsaayonni haala kana hubatan wareegama barbaachisu kafaluun jijjiirama bara dheeraa mooraa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti hawwamaa ture dhugeesuuf socho’an. Ummanni Oromoo gabrummaa, hiyyummaa fi qabsoo hadhooftuu bara dheeraaf geggeesaa tureen akka malee hubamee/ miidhamee hoogana ABO kan bara 30 ol keesatti dachii Oromiyaa faana/taakkuu takka bilisoomsuu dadhabe kana jala deemuu hifatee/nuffee jira. Amma booda qabsoon tun yoo karaa sirrii qabattee hoogana warraaqaa jalatti uf dura deemuu baatte ummanni hamilee dhabuun, abdii kutachuun ykn shakkiidhaan qabsoo irraa qoorrinfachuuf deema. Kanaaf, dirqamni ilmaan Oromoo guddaan rakkoo hoogana cimaa/warraaqaa dhabuu kana yeroon gadi fageenyaan ilaalee kora sabaa Ummata Oromoo mirkaneesuun furmaata itti laachuudhaan akka nam tokkootti harka walqabatee gootummaan diina irratti bobbahuudha.

Kaayoon hoogana yeroo kan jijiirama qabsoo tenya keessatti godhamee kan duraa kora kana milkeesuun hoogana cimaa/warraaqaa utubuu fi Ummata Oromoo gurmeesee, tokkummaa qabasaayotaa fi dhaabbotii Oromoo bilisa ta’anii cimsuun bilisummaa saba Oromoo humnna qawweetiin mirkaneesudha. Hooganni dhaaba siyaasaa kan bakka bu'aa, ijaa fi gurra ummataa tahee qabsoo duursu tokko diina isaa injifatee ummata dharraa dheebuu bilisummaa baasuuf waa hunda dura dimokraasii, fi walabummaa keeysaa fi alaa qabaachuu ol'aantummaa heeraa fi seeraa kabajee kabachiisuu qaba. Kana jechuun,

1. Qaamnni dhaaba hoogganuu tokko amantii, kutaa, fi ilaalcha siyaasaan osoo gargar hin qoodamin sodaa fi loogii tokkoon malee walaba tahanii walmarihachaa wajjiin carraaquutu isaan irraa eegama. Kun aadaa hoogana kanaa miti.

2. Hooganootiin hundi dantaa ufii jala goruu dhiisanii tan sabaa dura aansuudhaan obsa, kabajaa, jaalalaa fi wal'amantiin akka nam tokkootti murannoo fi haqaan wajjiin hojjachuu feesisa. Kun hoogana ABO ( SHG) keessaa dhabamee jira.

3. Hundaa ol abbaan qabsoo ummanni oromo waan maqaa isaatiin hojjatamu hunda beekuuf mirga waan qabuuf hooganni ABO gorsa manguddoo fi hayyuu sabaa fudhachaaa, yad-qalbii ummataa dhageeffachaa fi hirmaannaa isaa gabbisaa hojjachuun qabsoo Oromoo fiixaan baasuuf carraaqun murteesaa ture . Kun SHG-ABO kana biratti fudhatama hin qabu.

4. Hooganni dhaaba tokko qabsoo bilisummaa sirnaan duursee fedhii ummata isaa guutuuf waa hunda dura heeraa fi seeraa dhaabichaa kabajee kabachiisuu qaba. SHG-ABO hoogana heeraa fi seeraa ol uf godhee uf ilaaludha. Kanaaf SHG-ABO amma dirqama irraa kaafame kun murtii koree Seeraa fi Toohannoo kan kora sabaatiin utubame irra ijjatee qabsaayotaa fi Ummata Oromoo gargar qoodee dhimma itti bahuuf Kora gamtaa ABO kutaalee USA fi Canada bara 2008 bakka lamatti teesise.

5. Hooganni kun hoogana humnna waraanaa sadarkkaa Jeneraala haga waraana raayyaa, barattoota, hojjattoota fi qotee bulaan Oromoo diina isaa loluf jiruu fi jireenya isaa dhiisee itti dhufe ufitti fudhatee diina lolchiisuu dideedha.

6. SHG _ABO jiruu jireenya WBO dagatee, dirree lolaa lagatee bara 17 ol biyyoota ollaa keessa naannawuudhaan maqaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromootiin jiraachaa jiruudha. Badiileen/dahabiin kun kan hooganni kun akka walotti itti gaafatamu yoo ta’u kan dhunfaa dhunfaatti itti gafataman barreefama itti aanu irratti kaa’uu barbaada. Kutaa Lammaffaa itti fufa, hagasii nagahaan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abbaan Qasbsoo Lammii OROMOO bilisummaa hawwu hunda

Yeroo dabre murna "SHANEE" ofiin jedhuu fi hoogganni gadaa Daud Ibsaa ilmaan Oromoo kutaa fi Amantiin walitti buusuuf tattaaffii godhaa jiranii fi eenyummaa namoota adda durummaan shira kana xaxaa jiranii agarre. Ar'as itti fufa isaa fi jala deemtota "SHANNEE" akeeka diiga kana bakkaan gahuuf hojii gadhee hojjachaa jiranii ilaalla.

Dura ololli amma kanneen dhaabni kun qabsoo saba Oromoo fuula dura tarkaanfachiisuu hin dandeenyee, jijjiirama bu'uraa nu feesisaa jedhanii ganna lamaa ol sirna dhaabaatti dhimma bahuun ABO deebisaanii akka mul'atuu fi ummata Oromootti kabajaa godhu tattaafataa turan irratti oofamaa jiru akka fakkeenyaatti ilaalla.

1. Warra ganda tokkoottu of- ijaare.

Yaadni kun qabsoon saba Oromoo sakaallaa keessatti akka haftuu fi badiin murna shanee qabsoo ummata Oromoo diiguuf muratee akka saaxil hin baane tooftaa dhimma itti bahamaa jiruu dha. Dhugaan yoo tahe murni "shanee" namootni inni ar'a hoogganu irra jiroon namoota ganda lama hin caallee dha. Yoo gosti Oromoo hafte Oromoo tahuuf ajaja Abbaa Caalaa fi Daaud fudhachuu barbaachise ykn yoo gosti gosa kaan irra Oromoo taate malee kanneen ar'a jijjiirama mooraa qabsoo Oromoo keessatti labsan namoota ganda tokkoo wanni godhuu danda'u hin jiru. Murna jijjiiramaa kana adda durummaan kanneen gaggeessan yoo ilaalle ilmaan Oromoo golee Oromiyaa hundatu keessa jira. Kan silaa gandummaan yakkamuu qabu, kanneen gandaan biyya alaa fi biyya keessattis caasaa diriirfataa turan Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud tahuutu irra ture. Dubbiin ifaa tahee jiru gandi tokko namoota xinnoo ergamuu qofaaf of kennan ofitti dabalatee ilmaan Oromoo qabsoo irraa dhiibuu dha.

2. Kanneen maqaa jijjiiramaatiin dhaaba /ABO/ dhuunfatuu barbaadan harka diinaatti keessa jira, yookan OPDO dha jedhu.
Yakkii kun akkamitti dhugaa tahuu danda'a?
Genaral Kamaal Galchuu yoo fudhanne osoo dhaabatti humnaa fi meeshaa Waraanaa qabatee hin dabalamin dura baroota dheeraaf Hayyuu Duree waliin qunnamtii qabaachaa akka ture, humna diinaa diiguu irratti qooda inni taphateen Kora 2ffaa irratti jaallan biyya keessa jiran jedhamuun kan akka miseensa GS-ABO tahu, yaada hayyuu Dureen dhiyaate walgahii dhaabaatiin fudhatee irreeffamee dha. SBOn irra deddeebitee, ilmaan Oromoo General Kamaal waliin wal-qunnamtii qabaachaa jiran sababa ABOtti makamuu isaatiin kanneen 20,000 ol tahan hojiii irraa akka ariite, kaan ammoo bakka bu'a akka dhabaman oduun dabarsaa ture soba moo, Genaral Kamaal kan ergamaa OPDO godhu hoogganni amma jiru qabsoo ummata Oromoo hoogganuuf muratnoo hin qabu jechuu isaati, ykn ammoo kan qabsaawummaa namaaf kennu, Daudiin faarsuu, kan OPDO jechisiisus Daudiin wal dhabuu dha?

3. Kanneen jijjiirama gaafatan WBO ijaanuu arganii hin beekan, ykn takkaa shurufkaa rasaasaa fuunfatanii hin beekan jedhu.

Mee "SHANEE" ar'a yeroo barbaaddu OPDO ykn ammoo goota gootee namoota faarsitu kana keessaa nama hangam kan qawween lolaa ture? Gaaffii akkanaaf deebii kennuu dandeettii shaneen? Dhaaba keessa Osoo hin turin fi osoo hin lolin namoota aangoo ykn dirqama ol'aanaa itti kennuutu badii tahe jedhu "shanee" fi ergamtootni isii. Mee dhugaan eessa akka jiru bilchinaan haa qorannuu.

Kanneen ar'a dhaaba kana keessatti buuleysa jedhaman, Abbaa Caalaa fi Daud, akkasumas Araarsoo biqilaa ti. Araarsoo Biqilaa qabsoo kana keessa hanga turetti bu'aan inni qabsoo Oromootiif buuse kan nama wal-gaafachiisu tahus, buuleysummaan isaa waan haalamuu miti. Mee Abbaa Caalaa fi Daawud dhugumaan buuleysaa waan jedhu haa ilaalluu.

Abbaa Caalaa: Abbaa caalaa kanneen jalqaba dirree dhihaatti bahan akka tahe ni hubatama. Bara 1981 dirree Dhihaa akkuma dhaqaniin sagaliin duraa diinaan gaaga'amtee namoota hafan irratti Abbaa Saglii godhame. Osoo waggaa tokko hin turin miseensota akka wal-basaasan gochuudhaan diina dhiisanii akka qawwee walitti nyaachifachuun wal-eeggatan godhee hojii qabsoo hidhannoo guututti sakaalame. Rakkoon kun cimaa dhufee, walgahii yeroo sanatti Waajjira siyaasaa yaamamee furmaatni itti kenname.
1992 irraa kaasee biyyaa baqatee Keeniyaa fi Suudaan keessa ture. Hanga ar'aatti baqattummaan jiraachuu malee waraana hoogganee hin beeku. Mee isaa fi baqataa europe ykn USA jiru gidduu garaagarummaa maaltu jira? Garaa garummaa tokkichi jiru ofii hojjatee ofii fi maatii isaa jiraachisuu qofa.

Daud Ibsaa:
Akkuma barruu kiyya duraa irratti tuqe Daud Ibsaa ganna 30 maqaa qabsootiin dabarse keessatti waraanaan wal-quba hin qabu. 1981 dirree dhihaa irratti diinaan booji'amee ganna 6 mana hidhaa keessatti dabarse. 1988 yeroo achii bahutti Abbaa Saglii irraa ka'ee takkaa osoo humna hin lochiisin ajaja Damee Waraanaa muudame. Yoo mana hidhaa keessatti bosonni jiraatee lolaa ture malee muuxannoon lolaa inni qabu hin jiru. Abbaa Saglii irraa takkumaan General tahe.

Hangattii xinnoo dirree dhihaatti mataa damee tahee hojjachaa turetti humna ajaja, mirga irraa mulqee dirree leenjisaa irraa ka'ee abbootii saglii, muraasaa, buttaa.....kkf bira dabruun gabaasaa nama tokko tokkoo guuraa waan tureef humna keessatti wal'amantiin akka hin jirre, ajajootni humna akka sirnaan hin taligne nama danqaa guddaa uumee dha. Kana jechuun umriin inni maqaa qabsootiin dabarse gatii hin qabuu miti. Garuu, hiree ummata Oromoo jireenya keenyaa ol goone ilaalla yoo tahe bu'aan inni akka hoogganaatti qabsoo kanaaf buuse hin ture, fuula duras hin jiraatu. Kan ganna 30 keessatti bu'aa tokko hin argamsiisin haala ammaa kana keessa bilchina qabsoo saba miliyoona afurtamaa nama akkaanaa irratti dhiisuun dogoggora guddaa taha.

4. Ololli hamaan amma deemaa jiru kan biroo tattaafii ilmaan Oromoo bahaa fi kibba bahaa jiraatan walitti buusuuf godhamaa jiruu dha. Ololli gidduu kana ergamaa "SHANEE" naannoo bahaatti dhalataniin oofamaa jiru, kan jedhu, osoo dhaaba keessatti jijjiirama fiduuf tattaafannuu warri ARSII akka nama bahaa Bultum Biyyoo Hayyuu Duree hingooneef fincila kaasanii kan jedhuu dha. Kun akka dhagahutti kanneen bal'isaanii shira "shanee" hin ilaalle hedduu akka dallansiisee dha. Dhugaan jiru garuu kanneen bakka bu'aa ilmaan Oromoo bahaa of-taasisuu barbaadan kun "shanee"f ergamuu malee murni Abbaa Caalaa fi Daaud kabajaa namaatuu kan hin qabnee fi akka meeshaatti akka isaani ilaalu kanneen of-tuulummaa murna booddessaa "shanee" beekan hundi ni hubatu.

Murni shanee Abbaa caalaa fi Daaudiin hoogganamu murna booddessaa fi farra warraaqsaa akka tahe, akkasumas kanneen isaan ar'a ummata Oromoo ittiin dhamaasuu ergatan kanneen waan itti amanan hin qabne akka armaa gadiitti haa ilaalluu.

1992 keessa Abbaan Caalaa Qabsaawota sagaagalummaan yakkee mana hidhaatti osoo darbuu ofii sagaagalaa ture. Guutummatti hojiin murni kun hojii siyaasaa fi waraanaa lagatee bara ummatni Oromoo bakka hundaa gargaarsaan hiriira dhaabbatu waraanii Dirree dhihaa Kophee malee lafa deemaa ture. Kanneen dhugumaan dhugaa barbaaddan akka tasaa hiree barruu kana dubbisuu argattan WBO dirree dhihaa ture irraa dhugaa kana baruu dabdeessu.
Kanaaf ragaan guddaan, 1992 ji'a caamsaa keessa Abbaan Caalaa Michuu/girl friend/ Dirree xayyaaraa irraa simachuuf Waraana buttaa guutuu walakkaan kophee hin qabnee hiriirsee akka dhaqee kanneen dhugaa kana beekaniif haaraya hin tahu. ABO hoogganuuf Abbaa Caalaa fi Daaud Ibsaa malee akka namni hin jirreetti kan ar'a nutti himuu barbaadan, WBOn godina dhihaa hanga funyaanitti meeshaa waraanaa qabuu fi leenjisa gahaa fudhate shira jara kana lameeniin diigame. Of-tuulummaan isaan qabsaawota ittiin dhihaataa turan hedduu fokkataa akka ture jecha Abbaan Caalaa waraana rakkoo nyaataa fi uffataa isatti himatuu walgahe tokkoon jedhe arguun barbaachisaa dha. Humna rakkoo isaa hoogganatti himaachuuf dhufe kanaaf deebiin Abbaan Caalaa kenne " Feetan ganda keessanitti galaa, ar'aan booda jaldeessi Oromiyaatuu lolee nu bilisoomsuu danda'aa" jedheen.

Kanneen seenaa xuraawaa akkanaa qaban maaliif qabsaawota dhugaa xureessuu fi haguuguuf akka tattaafatan hubachuun nama hin dhibu. Sababni shira kana hundaa, Guyyaan dhaabni kun murna booddeessaa akkanaa kana jalaa bilisoome qabsoon Oromoo waan fuula dura furgaatuuf eenyummaan isaa ittiin of dhaadan kun ifa baha jedhanii waan sodaataniifi.

Ergamtootni isaaniif Kannneen gandummaan dhamaase, qabsoo bilisummaa Oromootti hin amanne, maqaan guddaa sammuun ijoollee daa'ima hin geennee dha. Isaan keessa tokko qofa fakkeenya fudheen dabra.

Bayaan Asoobaa
Bayaan Asoobaa kanneen jalqaba bara qabsoon hidhannoo jalqabamte bosona seenee humna hoogganu facaasee Dariitti harka kennatee dha. Qabsaawota hedduu qabsiisuu fi dhiiga isaanoii Dargiin akka dhangala'u godhee "Cadre" Dargii badhaafame. Qooda ol'aanaa diinaaf gumaache kanaan ammas "scholarship" hiree biyya alaatti barachuu badhaafame. German yeroo jirutti humnoota Amaaraa kan akka EPRP keessatti qooda fudhachaa ture. Osoo haala kanaan jiruu murna gandaa "murna harar odaa bultum" jedhamu ijaare.

Achi irraa USAtti galee deebi'ee dhiigni goototaa Dargiin akka dhangalaasu godhe dagatamee qondaala dhaaba gurguratee tahee as bahe.Kanneen akkanaa ajaja namaa guutuu malee saba isaanitiif hin dhimmine qabsaawaa tahanii ar'a murna shanee akkuma isaanii osoo diinatti harka hin kennatin qabsoo ajjeesse du'a irraa oolchuuf oliif gadi fiigu. Qabsoon sabni Oromoo bilisummaaf gaggeessu hanga farreen akkanaa ijjanaa fi waan itti amanan hin qabne maqaa sabaatiin nagadanitti bakka gahuu hin dandeessu. Kanaaf jabaannee hojjachuu qabna.

Boqonnaa 3ffaan itti fufa.

Gadaan Gadaa Jijjiiramaa fi Gadaa injifatnoo ti!

Bulee Garambaa ti